by Crypt and Civitas
By: Crypt and Civitas
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Video-Standard: PAL
Released on:April 30th, 2008
Remarks:The font was done by Blitz and the skulls were done by Gotcha. The flames in the 5th part are from a North East Crackers intro. Those mountains were pulled from Dominion by Skyline Duo and The New Fashion '77. That chick is wired of course, Dflame favourite tool was the P1 converter. Logos were ripped and then formed the Crypt Logos.. Dflame has to left ART, SDS because of these behaviour...
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Credits: Code
Dflame of Art Design
Richard of Blazon and The New Dimension
Richard of Blazon and The New Dimension
Gotcha of Array, Cosmos Designs and Enigma
Baracuda of Blazon, Smash Designs, The Stock and C64.CH
Added: May 12th, 2008
Added by:sinalco
Submitted by:Markus Sinalco

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