Edge of Disgrace
by Booze Design
By: Booze Design
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Video-Standard: PAL
Released on:October 26th, 2008
Released at: X-2008 (Ranked 1st at the Demo-Competition)
Remarks:Two finished effects were scrapped due to lack of space on the disk. Maybe they'll show up in the future... DON'T: Go to HCL's place next time, slug him down and rip the disc out of his hands. When done, please share to the rest of us because this trick will only work once unless he have backups.. - There are a couple of music glitches during transitions between different parts. For a more seamless version of the music, have a listen to the soundtrack file on disk. There's something fishy with the flip-disk routine, it sometimes seem to fail (!). Doesnt work on my c128/1571 combo. Fails at "insert disk 1 side a", in that once you put the disk in it just sits there..... Won't seem to work on the built-in 1571 on a German-made Commodore 128D-Cr. a rather ugly 16 pixel wide flicker in the middle of the screen be visible only on *certain* machines. There's this bug with the scrolling grey dots on the overlay at the top right in the Terminator part (just where it goes into the border) that was visible on any real c64 I've tried it on. And then there's a bit of flicker in the gfx in certain lines in the dot-plotter part on the 40th column on the very right, but that only seems to happen on old c64s.
8.89 out of 10 (18 ratings)
Added: October 29th, 2008
Added by:Robocop

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    Unreal. I was completely blown away. This demo looks like it was made on a machine much newer than the C64. Amazing work

    DjAnimate @ 2023-12-27 17:31:59
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    Simply WOW!!! Setting the Peripheral to use IEC worked for me too, befor i couldn't start it. What an amazing demo!

    Mister E @ 2009-10-28 11:16:17
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    Ok... somebody gave me the info that the demo only will work with one drive at the iec-bus.

    It works fine so i can give a rating of 10.

    Tormentor @ 2009-05-29 01:59:44
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    Same problem as Cycle-Demo. One time ok, nine times it crahes. Standard 64 + standard 1541. Great demo but frustrating. Cant give a rating... if it works 100% it is worth 10Points... BUT it dont... :-(

    Tormentor @ 2009-05-29 01:08:51
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    This demo is quite impressive. Spanning three disks it's somewhat large, but there's a lot packed into this one.

    Perfectly synchronized with music and sound effects (and I believe a few great samples,) Edge of Disgrace is one of the best on my favorites list!

    roachk71 @ 2008-12-02 22:38:26