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  • Scenenews 2022
    Baracuda @ Wednesday, March 9, 2022

    Ghost joined Excess as Co-Organizer, Tester and Ori Supplier

    Topaz Beerline dissolved

    Nyke joined Babygang as Graphician

    Moroten left STARZ

    Slaxx left STARZ

    Scrap joined GP as Graphician

    Carrion left Bonzai

    Patapik joined BOOM! as Coder

    Ispace joined F4CG as Coder

    Netherlands musician Tron passed away,

    Dr.EightBit joined PTV as Organizer, Public Relations Manager and Translator

    DeMOSic joined HF, VCC as Musician and C64 Club Berlin as Musician and Translator

    Space-AgeWrangler joined HF as Graphician

    Galancy left Avatar

    Mega Sparkmaster joined HF as Musician

    Codise joined Alumni as Co-Organizer and Coder

    Jowin joined VCC as Tester, Coder

  • Scenenews 2022
    Baracuda @ Thursday, February 10, 2022

    Chromag left GP

    psych858o joined Censor Design as Musician

    Bema joined Hokuto Force as Graphician

    The Human Code Machine and Bitbreaker left Oxyron, Arsenic

    SquareWave joined Lethargy as Musician

    NecroPolo joined Lethargy as Musician

    Plus -1- also known as Kickback left AOD

    Black Beard left AOD

    TheEnemy left once again Excess (germany)

    Ghost left Excess (germany)

    Epsilon joined The Supply Team as Coder

    Six joined Menace as Coder, Cracker, Graphician and NTSC-Fixer

    Optic Freeze joined Menace as Organizer, Original Supplier, Sysop and Tester

    Conrad left Artstate

    Master left Raiders of the Lost Empire

  • Party Radar
    Baracuda @ Thursday, January 13, 2022

    Parties coming next see here:

    Fjälldata 2022 is cancelled du to the latest corona restrictions. There won’t be an online version either so all compos are postponed until next year.

    Sky or Death 22: 18.03. - 20.03.22, party

    REVISION 22: 15.04. - 18.04.22, live-stream

    ASOA 22 05.08 - 7.08.22, party

    EXAC 22: 02.09 - 04.09.22, party

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  • with more updates
    Baracuda @ Friday, May 20, 2022

    As always new groups, new sceners, new modified and old art was uploaded by Baracuda on these site. The news got filled again by me about the scene here on these site. You don't need to kill any speeder or be afraid of any incompatibility if you use my picture packs. They include pictures where you have to wait to see them in the original productions or which you can't see directly.. Often the pictures used in the original productions had pixelbugs which where never fixed. So enjoy..

    Keep in mind: On our site you can find c64 programs which you can't find in every database. My uploads only in D64 Format and exclusive here.

    Baracuda/BLAZON/THE STOCK international/Smash Designs

  • Enjoy the springtime
    Baracuda @ Wednesday, May 11, 2022

    Now we use ASP.NET Core 6.0 here on our site.

    As always you can find the latest added Stuff here:

    If you are interested only in newly produced C64 programs by KSX or me and my groups or other use these link here:

    But of course that is not all you can find here, you should better take your time and take a walk with me through our site as you can find so much more, can leave your comments, check out the links chapter and, and.. Also you can register yourself and add your own productions here without any stupid moaning about and gatekeepers. In the end C64 is only a hobby and all you do is for fun in your own spare time. So we should better all be happy about new productions which got shared in 2022.. Especially in these war times.

    Again new groups, new sceners, new modified and old art was uploaded on these site. The news got filled about the scene here as for our little but special Database too.

    Keep in mind: On our site you can find c64 programs which you can't find everywhere. ;-)


  • Time is ticking away...
    Baracuda @ Wednesday, April 20, 2022

    Here we are again with some fresh uploads done in the last days to bring you only working, tested productions.. I did also some own productions as i was sad about the productions avaible with bugging disks, pixelbugs, slow loaders, missing pictures and other reasons for me to do my own versions. There is also the last SWL List now avaible which shows the last time some of my stuff which was avaible for all in the past.. Await also soon a new CGSC Collection, maybe next month with a lot of Rework by Pete. Watch out for more..

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