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  • Cadets dissolved
    Baracuda @ Tuesday, July 5, 2022

    Loloke joined Lethargy as Coder. slyspy joined Lethargy as Graphician and Musician

    Cadets dissolved

    Sei left Cadets - d'Avid left Cadets - Viti left Cadets - Visage left Cadets - dev0 left Cadets - GCS left Cadets - Blala left Cadets - slyspy left Cadets - Loloke left Cadets

    The polish graphician Shaleth founded a new C64 demo group named SGA

  • Scenenews 2022
    Baracuda @ Wednesday, March 9, 2022

    Mojzesh left Samar Productions and Padua

    rez joined Melon as Coder

    Linus left Arsenic & Oxy

    Eric Dobek joined MoonShine as Musician

    Mr. Mouse joined GP as Coder and Musician

    The Undertaker passed away

    Tempest joined Up Rough as Graphician and Musician

    Firelord, One of the Founders of Ex left...

    Ghost joined Ex as Co-Organizer, Tester and Ori Supplier

    Topaz Beerline dissolved

    Nyke joined Babygang as Graphician

    rustlemills joined PTV as Coder and Graphician

    Moroten, MegaSparky, Slaxx, DeMOSic left STARZ

    Scrap joined GP as Graphician

    Carrion left Bonzai and joined Censor Design

    Patapik joined BOOM! as Coder

    Ispace joined F4CG as Coder

    Netherlands musician Tron passed away,

    Dr.EightBit joined PTV as Organizer, Public Relations Manager and Translator

    DeMOSic joined HF, VCC as Musician and C64 Club Berlin as Musician and Translator

    Space-AgeWrangler joined HF as Graphician

    Galancy left Avatar

    Mega Sparkmaster joined HF as Musician

    Codise joined Alumni as Co-Organizer and Coder

    sLASH joined Fatzone as Musician and Net Trader

    Shine joined PET SCIIENTISTS as Graphician and Organizer

    Frida Katarina joined PET SCIIENTISTS as Graphician

    Nordischsound joined PET SCIIENTISTS as Musician

    Røly joined PTV as Musician

    Jowin joined VCC as Tester, Coder

    Fatman left AOD

    CoaXCable joined MoonShine as Graphician

    Six joined Megastyle as Coder, Graphician, Musician, NTSC-Fixer and Tester

    Optic Freeze joined Megastyle as Tester so that he can do the ori supply directly to his group Menace.

    EALL joined Hack n' Trade as Modem Trader and Net Trader

    Paladin joined Propaganda Magazine Staff as Diskmag Editor

    Shaleth joined SGA as graphician

    ToyToy joined SGA as Coder

    Bideth joined SGA as Musician

    MCH joined Dream as Musician

  • Scenenews 2022
    Baracuda @ Thursday, February 10, 2022

    Chromag left GP

    psych858o joined Censor Design as Musician

    Bema joined Hokuto Force as Graphician

    The Human Code Machine and Bitbreaker left Oxyron, Arsenic

    SquareWave joined Lethargy as Musician

    NecroPolo joined Lethargy as Musician

    Plus -1- also known as Kickback left AOD

    Black Beard left AOD

    TheEnemy left once again Excess (germany)

    Ghost left Excess (germany)

    Epsilon joined The Supply Team as Coder

    Six joined Menace as Coder, Cracker, Graphician and NTSC-Fixer

    Optic Freeze joined Menace as Organizer, Original Supplier, Sysop and Tester

    Conrad left Artstate

    Master left Raiders of the Lost Empire

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  • 8778 Results / 366 Pages now
    Baracuda @ Friday, August 5, 2022

    Friday !

    The weekend is near and so i am sure you have some time to enjoy the news on these site. So take your time and walk again through the ol'times and the fresh releases, the changes..


  • Here we go
    Baracuda @ Thursday, July 28, 2022


    another cool exclusive version was added named Grunwald show and make sure you are able to handle the Horror shown here.. :)

    Hopefully i can do more shows soon. If you can't see changes on our demobase directly be sure they are there. Some credits and false entries got fixed while double entries got removed again by me. Enjoy Life and see you next time.

    Baracuda of Blazon / The Stock / Smash Designs

  • Changes
    Baracuda @ Thursday, July 21, 2022

    All Together Now ! Welcome !

    If you can't see changes on our demobase directly be sure they are there. I fixed some credits and false entries while double entries got removed. Enjoy Life and the sunny weather and see you here next time again.

    Baracuda of Blazon / The Stock / Smash Designs

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