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Yes, I'm aware there are other very fine C64-Pages as CSDB, Lemon or Demozoo. But I did not want to bury one of the first of them all - C64.CH went online in 1998 - and I'm positive that we have one or another feature you'll like. And no, there's no drama here (yet).
While you're reading this we're adding features and are fixing bugs. You can have a look at the process in our changelog.
We do our best to do so. No peronal data will ever be shared with a third party. We also don't store any passwords in clear, all are salted and SHA'd.
A lot of features can be used as guests, but - as everywhere - at the certain point it would just not make sense anymore. Note we also have nice features for registered users, like personal favorites and such. We only require a username and e-mail, sharing more personal data is mandatory optional. You can also keep your ratings private.
Sure, just drop me a note! We're desperately looking for moderators. (Enabled) users can add and edit everything themselves.
In any case, if you found something cool we should add to our database, please use this form.
  • don't kill me!
  • use this form to let me know. It's gonna fixed asap!
Just one? ;) There are three ways to get rid of it:
Cool - as features might be bugs and vice-versa, the procedure is similar:
Not yet, sorry!