Moneytary donations

Thank you for visiting this page!

There is just one problem: We do not need moneytary donations! The site was created with free software, running on free software. The only expense is for the server itself, which is a very moderate fee.

However, if you want do something good, consider spending some $$$ to these - or any other - aid organisations - they deserve it much more than we do:

Other than monetary donations

Time is always an issue! If you could spare some of yours and be a part of, it would help us very much. If you wish to

  • be a moderator and take care everything is cosy around here
  • keep the database up-to-date with new submissions
  • update the current productions, adding videos, screenshots etc.
  • help designing the page
  • help coding new features
  • do anything helpful
please contact me at [email protected]