Details of Metal
Aka:Timelock, Wizzbone
Jobs: Musician


Abnormal Musician 1989 1989
Avantgarde Musician n/a n/a
Bonzai Musician April 1990 n/a
Camelot Musician February 1994 n/a
Contex Musician August 1989 February 2nd, 1990
Flash Inc. Musician June 1992 November 1993
Imagination Developments Musician 1992 1992
Starion Musician December 1990 May 1991
U2 Musician 1989 February 1989
Vibrants Musician May 1991 n/a
World Wide Expressive Musician February 1989 June 1989
Credited for:

Unity by Stash

Credited for:
- Music

Tigerterror 2

Tigerterror 2 by The Tigers

Credited for:
- Music

Happy Birthday Yankee

Happy Birthday Yankee by Dynamix

Credited for:
- Music

Burn Baby Burn

Burn Baby Burn by The Postmoderns

Credited for:
- Music

FLI Part

FLI Part by The Delta Coders

Credited for:
- Music