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Real name:Damian
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Tell us something (blabla):There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary, and those who don't.
Watching demos on:C64.CH ;)
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Favorite Groups:Smash Designs
Favorite Demos:VOID / Coma,Resource
Registered on:December 22nd, 2001 (8195 Days ago)
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Edits and additions by Sabbi
Date Edited Action
2024-05-27 13:06:34 Accept
Member 'Chaotic' added to group 'Accept'
2024-05-27 12:56:11 Knuffy
Added sceners: b0rje, Removed sceners: Sabbi
2024-05-26 12:48:26 Crazy Sines
Changed order of pictures
2024-05-26 12:48:19 Crazy Sines
Added pictures: atlantic-crazy_sines-003.png
2024-05-26 12:48:07 Crazy Sines
Added pictures: atlantic-crazy_sines.png, atlantic-crazy_sines-001.png, atlantic-crazy_sines-002.png
2024-05-26 12:47:17 Crazy Sines
Added new download ''
2024-05-26 12:47:11 Crazy Sines
Added 'Crazy Sines', a new Demo
2024-05-26 12:45:57 From The Deep Of The North
Added credits for dstar (Graphics) to From The Deep Of The North
2024-05-26 12:45:34 Haujobb
Member 'dstar' added to group 'Haujobb'
2024-05-26 12:45:18 Desire
Member 'dstar' added to group 'Desire'
2024-05-26 12:44:54 dstar
Added scener 'dstar'
2024-05-26 12:44:32 From The Deep Of The North
Added credits for Epsilon (Code), Trident (Code), Fegolhuzz (Music), Hobbit (Graphics), Soya (Graphics), tNG (Graphics), tNG (DirectoryArt) to From The Deep Of The North
2024-05-26 12:43:47 From The Deep Of The North
Added pictures: fairlight-from_the_deep_of_the_north.png, fairlight-from_the_deep_of_the_north-001.png, fairlight-from_the_deep_of_the_north-002.png, fairlight-from_the_deep_of_the_north-003.png, fairlight-from_the_deep_of_the_north-004.png
2024-05-26 12:42:56 From The Deep Of The North
Added new download ''
2024-05-26 12:42:49 From The Deep Of The North
Added 'From The Deep Of The North', a new Demo
2024-05-26 12:31:39 Aliens In Wonderland
Added credits for Bob (Code), Firehawk (Code), Peacemaker (Code), Swallow (Code), Linus (Music), Magnar Harestad (Music), Carrion (Graphics), CED (Graphics), Deekay (Graphics), Talent (Graphics), Deekay (DirectoryArt), Bob (Linking), Swallow (Linking) to Aliens In Wonderland
2024-05-26 12:30:04 Aliens In Wonderland
Added pictures: censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-001.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-002.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-003.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-004.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-005.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-006.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-007.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-008.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-009.png, censor_design-aliens_in_wonderland-010.png
2024-05-26 12:28:53 Aliens In Wonderland
Added new download ''
2024-05-26 12:28:45 Aliens In Wonderland
Added 'Aliens In Wonderland', a new Demo
2024-05-26 12:27:28 Moonshine Dragons 2024
Added party 'Moonshine Dragons 2024'
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