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Real name:Damian
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Tell us something (blabla):There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary, and those who don't.
Watching demos on:C64.CH ;)
In Groups:n/a
Favorite Groups:Smash Designs
Favorite Demos:VOID / Coma,Resource
Registered on:December 22nd, 2001 (7950 Days ago)
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Edits and additions by Sabbi
Date Edited Action
2023-06-21 07:30:32 Hiraeth
Added pictures: xenon-hiraeth.png
2023-05-10 22:00:29 Edge of Disgrace
2023-03-11 11:22:54 Mu Mu Land
Added pictures: atlantis-mu_mu_land.png, atlantis-mu_mu_land-001.png, atlantis-mu_mu_land-002.png, atlantis-mu_mu_land-003.png, atlantis-mu_mu_land-004.png, atlantis-mu_mu_land-005.png, atlantis-mu_mu_land-006.png
2023-03-11 11:20:18 Mu Mu Land
Added credits for Dr. Science (Code), Honcho (Code), Maxlide (Code), theK (Music), Almighty God (Graphics), Lobo (Graphics), Lft (Loader), Dr. Science (Linking) to Mu Mu Land
2023-03-11 11:19:21 Mu Mu Land
Added new download ''
2023-03-11 11:19:06 Mu Mu Land
Added 'Mu Mu Land', a new Demo
2022-12-24 14:02:53 Barry Boomer - Trapped Again
Changed order of pictures
2022-12-05 17:42:54 Effects
Added credits for Strepto (Code), Vincenzo (Music), Shadow (Charset) to Effects
2022-12-05 17:42:16 Effects
Added pictures: lethargy-effects.png, lethargy-effects-001.png, lethargy-effects-002.png, lethargy-effects-003.png
2022-12-05 17:41:42 Effects
Added new download ''
2022-12-05 17:41:37 Effects
Added 'Effects', a new Intro
2022-12-05 17:40:29 Trinity
Added credits for Wacek (Code), 6R6 (Music) to Trinity
2022-12-05 17:40:01 Trinity
Added pictures: arise-trinity.png, arise-trinity-001.png, arise-trinity-002.png
2022-12-05 17:39:33 Trinity
Added new download 'trinity by'
2022-12-05 17:39:27 Trinity
Added 'Trinity', a new Intro
2022-12-05 17:37:34 A Jellyfish
Added credits for Hein (Code), Hein (Music), Hein (Graphics) to A Jellyfish
2022-12-05 17:37:15 A Jellyfish
Added pictures: vision-a_jellyfish.png
2022-12-05 17:37:00 A Jellyfish
Added new download ''
2022-12-05 17:36:55 A Jellyfish
Added 'A Jellyfish', a new Intro
2022-12-05 17:34:19 Havukka
Added credits for Deetsay (Code) to Havukka
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