A Box of Toilet Paper
by NoName
By: NoName
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - One File Demo
Released on:December 29th, 1996
Released at: The Party 1996 (Ranked 8th at the Demo-Competition)
Remarks:There is a little flicker in the fire-effect part in the bottom of the screen. The CyberBrain couldn't see that on his TV, so that's why it's there (you probably can't see it either, unless u have a big tv). In the (slow) rotating scroller-part there is a small allmost un-noticeable bug. Just while it fades away you can see that a "@" char is on it's way onto the screen. That's because "@" was the end-of-scroll char, and he faded out a little too late..
Hidden Parts:
Just after the "SID" part the text will explain how to get into the hidden part. Hold down the keys "n","o",("n"),"a","m","e" at the same time and you'll find yourself in the hidden part (just follow the instructions on the screen). Hiddenpart music by Wacek/Arise. NOTE: It doesn't work in every effect in the demo, it only works from before the sindot-part...
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Added: August 11st, 2001

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