Digital Madness
by Brutal
By: Brutal
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Released on:1992
7.67 out of 10 (9 ratings)
Added: January 9th, 2000

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    I remember this demo, I was hanging out with the other Brutal guys at the Brutal+Huricane party on samsoe in Denmark. I was in Legend at that time and spread this demo like crazy. I Miss all the old guys, If you by any chance see this contact me right away! To all others i swaped with, thanks for the great time!

    R.c.s. @ 2003-06-13 22:02:23
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    Actually I coded the intro and I got the very talented Guy Shavitt to do the music for us. The demo had some new effects never seen before and it used the 2mhz of the C128 to get more smooth vector graphics. This was the last work with did before quiting the scene in 1992. I miss those days... (Hi to all the old brutalers R.C.S and I would like to get in touch with you!)

    bleze @ 2003-06-13 21:58:22
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    I coded this demo back in the good old days. Think it was in 1992 or so. To my knowledge its the first real trackmo on C.64. All files are decrunched while loding using an IRQ loader ripped from the good old game "Defender of the Crown".

    TechnoiR @ 2002-05-31 15:49:55
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    One of the first trackmos on c64. Really kewl for 1992.

    cruzer @ 2002-04-15 16:36:17