by Fairlight
By: Fairlight
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Released on:October 7th, 1991
Remarks:To get through the demo without crashing Legoland: Part 1 (Dragon): SPACE Part 2 (Raytracing): RESTORE Part 3 (Rotating Lego): RESTORE Part 4 (Chessboard + ECI): SPACE Part 4 (Flexlogo): RESTORE Part 5 (Starfield): RESTORE Part 6 (LegoLinkers): RESTORE Part 7 (FLI Gfx): None, end part I don't know how it is for you, but if I use RESTORE in the Chessboard part, it still loads the Flex Logo part, but Restore THERE then leads to a bad crash.
7.38 out of 10 (13 ratings)
Credits: Music
Johannes Bjerregaard
Added: December 5th, 1999

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    A classic demo that should be in everyone's demo collection. Download and enjoy! Tron for president!

    cosmicboy @ 2003-08-14 10:24:07
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    This probably one of the most classy demos by FairLight. I love Tron.

    Anonymous  @ 2001-10-02 06:13:53
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    Anonymous  @ 2001-07-31 21:40:31