by Contex
By: Contex
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Released on:1989
Remarks:released at the Contex-Miniparty in Oulunsalo. 3rd Part Crashes, so if anyone has a 100% Version....
7.71 out of 10 (14 ratings)
Added:January 12th, 2002
Added by:Flex

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    never heard anyone liking the (future composer, argh) end tune before! ;-)

    Would be interesting to convert the song to our own music player...

    Nevermind, this was one of our best demos ever. And it was fun to do. If I remember correctly, we (Flex, Apollyon and mysefl) also took a trip to Judge's to do some coding and misc. fun for the demo.

    scorpion @ 2008-10-03 11:52:05
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    I always liked Contex demos.

    Anonymous  @ 2003-01-23 14:58:44
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    The music in the endpart (composed by Scorpion) really blew my mind the first time I saw this demo. Been looking for this demo ever since, just to hear the tune :)

    Djinn @ 2002-05-01 03:45:20
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    Old style design at it´s best! World´s first upborder mega-dycp... lame...;-)!

    apollyon @ 2002-03-22 23:09:40
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    The best Contex-demo ever!

    juzdie @ 2002-03-15 18:13:51
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    The coolest Contex-demo! Great design!

    anttihan @ 2002-01-18 21:31:06