Max Headroom Uncrypted
by Level 21
By: Level 21
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - One File Demo
Released on:February 6th, 1988
Remarks:These demo uses Picture Linker by The Beastie Boys, also it was not the last demo by L21. ;-) Here is a translation of the French sentences: This demo is probably the last we will do on C64. I think it's the best Level 21 production that has been produced. It was started by Bad Nike and Fred on January 4th, 1988 and ended on February 6th, 1988. The demo occupies all the memory between $ 0801 and $ FFFE. That's why it's long to unpack it. PRESS SPACE AND WAIT !!! - Ever wondered why The Beastie Boys used 6000 sys as there sys line ? They simple used the german postcode as sys they came from as some others did (HQ: Frankfurt am Main).. Type list and check the sys line before you start the demo.. Back to the demo: Before you press space after the info text in second part better choose F1 / F3 to mark the decoder FX and then press space.. Choose the hand to tip the CD Player f.e. to jump back and choose another decodeur before you press space again after that.. ;-) Also listen or read what MAX had to say for more specials.. Music by Abigail Mead And Nigel Goulding - Full Metal Jacket (I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor), 1987.
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Credits: Code
Bad Nike
Bob Stevenson
Pam Carpenter
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