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  • 11 added...
    Earthshaker @ Sunday, May 2, 2004

    Again a small update, this time 11 productions are added. They are from the following groups:

    <b>Forces Of Evil</b>, <b>Fraction</b>, <b>Front</b>, <b>Full Force</b>, <b>Heptagon/Vortex 42</b>(co-op) and <b>Hightec</b>.

    And again, Enjoy!

  • Another One...
    Earthshaker @ Thursday, April 29, 2004

    And another small update. This time productions from the following groups:

    <b>Equinoxe</b>,<b> Exon</b>, <b>Fairlight</b>, <b>Faith Design</b>, <b>The Fall Guys</b>, <b>Faque</b>, <b>FBI Crew/TRC</b>(Co-op demo) and <b>Focus</b>.

    Also added the music and graphics disks from <b>Floppy 2004</b>, a bit late i guess. Enjoy!

  • Small Update...
    Earthshaker @ Wednesday, April 28, 2004

    Some more productions added, this time from:

    <b>Angry</b>,<b> Dekadence</b>, <b>Demons</b>, <b>Digital Crackers</b>, <b>DPS 2010</b>, <b>The Dreams</b>, <b>Dutch Cracking Team</b>, <b>Electron</b>, <b>Entropy</b>, <b>Gax777</b>, <b>Noice</b> and <b>Warriors of the Wasteland</b>.

    As always, Enjoy!

  • 15 added...
    Earthshaker @ Monday, April 26, 2004

    What an updates. Must be the nice wheather. Anyway, here you have 15 productions from the following groups:

    <b>Covenant</b>, <b>Creation</b>, <b>Creators</b>, <b>Daniax</b>, <b>Dark Angels</b>, <b>Darkzone</b>, <b>Dekadence</b>, <b>Hightec</b> and <b>The Danish Circle</b>.

    Again, enjoy!

  • A small monster update...
    Jack Alien @ Saturday, April 24, 2004

    Just upped <b>50</b> (!) demos, done by <b>Impulse</b> and <b>Sunrise</b>.

    Well, mainly <b>Impulse</b>, over 40 by them (some are coop-demos with <b>Pride</b>, <b>Megastyle</b>, <b>Full Force </b>and <b>The Private Investigators</b>)... and 4 by <b>Sunrise</b>.

    Enjoy and happy leeching, hehe! 8)

  • And on to 4000...
    Earthshaker @ Thursday, April 22, 2004

    In an attempt to reach 4000 fast ;), i've added 19 productions from the following groups:

    <b>Commodore Cracking Crew</b>, <b>Commodore United Crackers</b> and <b>Cool Crew</b>.


  • Another Milestone: 3000 Demos online
    Sabbi @ Thursday, April 22, 2004

    For the third time, we can annouce:another 1000 done

    Here's the lucky 'winner' : <a href = "/demos/realdetail.php?id=3061">Intro by Cobal</a>

    Thanks a lot to all submiters, users, visitors, guests and of course the admins Earthshaker, Jack Alien, Robocop and Marshmellow!

  • And more...
    Earthshaker @ Wednesday, April 21, 2004

    Added 12 productions from various groups like:

    <b>Civitas</b>, <b>Clochard</b>, <b>CNCD</b>, <b>Cobal</b>, <b>Collusion</b> and <b>CWA</b>.


  • And again 10
    Earthshaker @ Tuesday, April 20, 2004

    And again a little update. This time 10 productions from the following groups:

    <b>Cadgers</b>, <b>Camelot</b>, <b>Cascade</b>, <b>Censure Designz</b>, <b>Centric</b>, <b>Commando Frontier</b>, <b>Channel 42</b>, <b>Chorus</b> and <b>Chronic</b>.

    Expect more soon...

  • 10 more...
    Jack Alien @ Saturday, April 17, 2004

    Here are demos by <b>Atlantic</b>, <b>Black Mail</b>, <b>Pentangel</b>, <b>Poltergeist </b>and <b>Radwar Enterprises</b>.


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