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  • S!P
    Earthshaker @ Monday, March 28, 2005

    Just added another <b>Breakpoint 2005</b> release by <b>Surprise Productions</b>.


  • Breakpoint releases...
    Earthshaker @ Sunday, March 27, 2005

    Added 12 <b>Breakpoint 2005</b> releases. Nine of them are 4k Intro's by <b>Dekadence</b>, <b>Padua</b>, <b>Triad</b>, <b>Fairlight</b>, <b>Metalvotze</b>, <b>Laxity</b>, <b>Chorus</b>, <b>Die Chefrocker</b> and <b>Smash Designs</b>. There are two demos by <b>K2</b> and <b>Singular</b>. And there is the invitation to <b>RCC 2005</b>. Don't know the exact places yet, but as soon as it's announced, they will be added.


  • Some Forever 6 stuff...
    Jack Alien @ Friday, March 25, 2005

    Just added 4 releases which got spread after the Forever 6 party. First the demos by <b>Samar </b>and <b>Padua</b>. Added the 1kb Intro by <b>Brise </b>and upped the contact demo by <b>Brutal</b>.


  • Loose additions...
    Earthshaker @ Sunday, March 20, 2005

    Been adding some loose productions this weekend. Only 6 of them until now, but check in so now and then to see more.

    More to come...

  • 40 added...
    Jack Alien @ Tuesday, March 8, 2005

    Yes, <b>40</b> demos added.

    Demos by <b>711</b> (one demo in coop with <b>Amiga Industries</b> and <b>Rom</b>), <b>Beyond Force</b>, <b>Chorus</b>, <b>Contex</b>, <b>Creative Design</b>, <b>Crypt</b> (also 2 coop demos, one with <b>F4CG</b> and one with <b>Plasma</b>), <b>Drew Rodger</b>, <b>Express Artworx</b>, <b>Future Concepts</b>, <b>Psycho Genesis</b>, <b>Rainbow</b>, <b>Science 451</b>, <b>The Papillons Incorporated</b> and <b>War Deal Lamers</b>.

    Happy leeching... 8)

  • Floppy 2005 stuff
    Jack Alien @ Tuesday, March 1, 2005

    Upped the demos from <b>Floppy 2005</b> plus a small music collection by <b>Triad</b> which got released before the party took place.

    Anyway, place 3 from the demo competition is missing, but here are the demos:

    1. The Throckmorton Device / <b>Triad</b>
    2. One Million Lightyears From Earth / <b>Fairlight</b>
    3. Broken / <b>Civitas</b>
    4. Poland / <b>Coders With Attitude</b>
    5. Dancing Snowmen / <b>Macx and Zzap69</b>
    6. 24 Hours / <b>M&M</b>


  • ...and 20 more...
    Jack Alien @ Monday, February 14, 2005

    Yes, 20 more added.

    Demos by <b>Squeak</b>, <b>Stoat & Tim</b>, <b>Baboons</b>, <b>Force Ten</b>, <b>Linear Productions</b>, <b>Ratt</b> and <b>The Famous Three</b>.

    Enjoy these first...

  • 20 added...
    Jack Alien @ Tuesday, February 8, 2005

    Ok, 20 demos has been added today.

    Demos by <b>Diblogic</b>, <b>Gemini</b>, <b>Nato</b>, <b>Radix</b> and <b>Science 451</b> (some are coop demos with <b>Death Sector</b>, <b>Focus</b> and <b>Genesis Project</b>).


  • Bug fixed..finally
    Sabbi @ Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    Hi Dudes,

    as you might have noticed: the download-charts where not working since Jan 1st 2005. Well, I've noticed too late but it's fixed by now :)

  • 40 added and...
    Jack Alien @ Thursday, January 20, 2005

    Okay, here we give you 40 more...

    Some coop-demos between <b>Noice and Triad</b>, <b>Triad and Byterapers</b>, <b>Triad and Future Shock</b>, <b>Genesis Project and Fire Eagle</b>, <b>Genesis Project and Raw</b> and finally <b>Genesis Project and Reality 3009</b>.

    Also added single releases by <b>Fear</b> and <b>Genesis Project</b>.

    Ah, and also cleared (sorted) all the other demos by <b>Genesis Project</b>, some were wrong or corrupt. The corrupt ones were: GP IS BACK AGAIN (incomplete and wrong demo name, originally it's called SLOT MASHINE) and The Bizzness (incomplete, one file was missing!).


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