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  • Back from the Soccer WM
    TROUBLEMAKER(Crypt) @ Wednesday, June 28, 2006


    Ok dudes ! Here we are back in town from the Soccer WM to presents you the latest stuff from The Soul Brothers , The Sadistics Incorporated , Ruler , Pentacle and last but not least the Alien Cracking Team (25 today).

    <b>Yours Troublemaker/Crypt</b>

  • Hello to all soccer fans
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Thursday, June 15, 2006

    <b>Germany’s</b> attacking persistence paid off with an extra-time goal by Oliver Neuville, winning 1-0 over an undermanned but tireless <b>Poland</b> team. <b>Hope we win the WM !!!</b>

    But now here are some fast updates from Crypt , The Ruling Company , The New Dimensions , The Supply Team , Promise and New Order Incorporated (33 today) .

    <b>Attention !</b>

    To all snail swappers who are still alive: My Friend <b>[email protected]/Tropyx</b> is seeking for some new swap pals who are interrestet in trading some rare warez which can not be found on internet ! You can catch him at: [email protected] !!!

    <b>Best Regards yours Troublemaker/Crypt</b>

  • Holla holla !
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Sunday, May 28, 2006

    The last may update smashed out ! The following groups like Strike Force , Yeti Factories , Dekadence , Orion , Rich Bitch , Kuno Nuko , Panda Design and Action (30 there) build in .

    <b>C64 H.Q. - Online again</b> Check it out under <a href = ""></a>

  • It's Raining Again
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Saturday, May 20, 2006

    Da summer come's not yet but here we come's with new demo stuff from Ega , The Sharks , Tristar and Online (25 today) . Hope you have a lot fun with it !

    And now a message to <b>Wanderer </b>: Nice classic fixes (go on) ! <b>Yours Troublemaker</b>

  • Weekend
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Friday, May 12, 2006

    and some new demos here for you from Xades Society , The Wanderer Group , Strike Force , Section 8 , Retro64 , Rawhead , Powerrun , Mirage , Madonna Cracking Group , Gambler Cracking Service , Fantasy Cracking Service , Commando Frontiers , Carcass , and last but not least the Airwolf-Team . (30 together)

    Watch out for more ...

    <b>But now another thing ! Please vote for the Worldcharts !!! </b> <a href = ""></a>

  • Back in Time
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Sunday, May 7, 2006

    <b>with some</b> fast'n updates here from Bitnop Designs , Agile , Aron Cracker Crew , Crypt , Mayhem , Powerrun , New Formula Crew and last but not least Bennysoft ! (29 this time)

    <b>Silver greetings</b> to Jeff Smart (nice Chats) , [email protected] for the stuff (You make the race boy !) , Skylab/TheMovers , Doc Snyder and Wanderer for greeting me in the Synapse release !

    <b>Golden greetings</b> this time to my girlfriend Klaudia ! You are a wonderfull person (go on) !

    <b>Hey Scotty Ian ! Are you dead ? What's up with an new code ? </b>

  • Crypt's first flashtro
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Thursday, April 27, 2006

    <b>BOOM !!!</b> I'm proud to present you Crypt's first flashtro. So many thanks to Doc Snyder for recoding and adding Crypt to his personal hall of fame. You can watch this piece of artwork at <a href = ""></a>

    <b>Mega handshakes this time to Doc Snyder , Skylab/Movers , [email protected]/MDS/TX and to my leader Sabbi !!! </b>

  • Surprise, surprise
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    The <b>demo</b> and <b>4k intro releases</b> from the <b>Breakpoint 2006 </b>are<b> available</b> from <b>Dekadence</b> , <b>Plush</b> , <b>Triad</b>, <b>Tristar & Red Sector Inc.</b> , <b>Surprise Productions</b> , <b>Singular</b> , <b>Resource</b> , <b>Megahawks</b> , <b>Civitas</b> , <b>Chorus</b> and <b>Bennysoft</b> . A <b>game preview</b> called <b>Pinball Dreams</b>(remake of an <b>Amiga game</b>) was presented by <b>Slash Design</b> at the <b>game compo</b> and i must say nice <b>work</b> ! <b>So long . . . </b>

  • >>> A happy eastern and breakpointing <<<
    Troublemaker (Crypt) @ Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Tomorrow at eastern the Breakpoint Party takes place in Bingen am Rhein <a href = "" ></a> look ahead ! It's the world's biggest pure demoscene event and therefore some fast 'n updates from The Star Frontiers , The Blasters Incorporated , Octagon , New Formula Crew , Mechanix , Light Circle , Inxs , German USA Team , Drive , Dexion , Beyond Force , Aek Crackware Essen and The Beastie Boys (26 today)!
    <b>No Time More ! See you on da Party

  • Antispam-Guestbook
    Sabbi @ Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Due to massive Guestbook-Spamming by our Vigra-Friend you now need to enter a small code to be able to add something to the guestbook. Let's see how long this lasts ;)

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