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  • First stuff in 2007
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Wednesday, February 7, 2007

    We are back in time and proud to bring you some stuff from Ega , Fantasy Cracking Service , Huge , Powerrun , Transcom , Trianon and Xades Society (30 today) !!

    <b>The best greetings this time to :<b> Marauder , [email protected] , TWR , Scout (Thx for da Routine) , Markus Sinalco , Nori , Skylab , Paramount , Jeff Smart , Sabbi , AFL , Richard , Nadira , Wanderer , Secret Man , A-man and da Rest ...

  • A happy new year
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Tuesday, January 2, 2007

    The winter is getting close and we wish all a happy new year ! We hope this year will be a good year for the scene !!!

    Next updates here around the next days ....!

    <b>Best holidays to all .............</b>

    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Sunday, November 19, 2006

    Future Vision , Gamma Cracking Force , Powerrun , Strike Force and Vader (38 together) .

    <b>Two sad messages from the front....</b>

    The first is that on November 2nd, 2006 <b>Turtle of Danish Gold</b> passed away. He died in a age of 41 years .

    Second that i must tell you is that on the 5th September 2006 <b>Candyman of FBR </b>died of a heart failure.

    I wish you both the best in heaven and thanks for all the good stuff you have released

    <b>Yours Troublemaker</b>

  • Puuuuuuhhhhhhh
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Monday, November 6, 2006

    Back from work and alive to presents you new demo updates from Abyss Connection , Ikon Visual , U2 , Rabiez , Chaos , Markus Sinalco , Rich Bitch , Arise , Prollcoder and Crypt (22 today) !

    <b>Special handshakes to : Scout , Marauder , Sabbi , Jeff Smart , Skylab , Acidchild , Stainless Steel , Mr.Silver , [email protected] , Violator , Jsl , Secret Man , Doc Snyder , Richard and to all other Sceners ....</b>

  • Updates in the next days
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Sunday, September 3, 2006

    Hi Ho Dudes ! To much work at time so next updates will come around between 10 and 15 September !

    <b>Yours Troublemaker (Crypt)</b>

    Sabbi @ Monday, August 14, 2006

    <b>Buenzli 15 will take place on the 18-19-20 August 2006 in Winterthur (Switzerland).</b>

    Buenzli is easy reachable from all over the world: Just 20 minutes (train) away from the Swiss International Airport Zurich (ZRH) and very near from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, ...

    <b>Entrance fees</b> <ul> <li>Price for foreign visitors: EUR 27.- (Discount: CHF 5.-)</li> <li>Paying-at-the-door-price for Swiss visitors: CHF 45.-</li> <li>Prepay-price: EUR 27.-/CHF 40.- (Discount: CHF 5.- for Swiss people)</li> <li>Combined Buenzli/Evoke ticket price: EUR 42.- (no prepay, has to be bought at the info desk at Evoke)</li> <li>Possibly there will be cheaper compo watcher tickets, but don't count on it and no, you won't be able to compete in the compo with such a ticket.</li> </ul>


    Buenzli 15 features a huge chill out corner for all you guys and girls needing a break of the daily computer business. There you can enjoy life, have a beer, talk to all your scene friends and watch the incredible shows on the big screen.

    For more Information: <a href = "" target = "_blank"></a>

  • Tribut to Edwin Van Santen
    Troublemaker @ Saturday, July 29, 2006

    I'am proud to presents you here actually the EVS Tribute Demo from The New Dimension (Richard) ! In the demo the scene comes together in a multiscroller . Hope you love it !

    <b>So we wish you all the greatest in heaven dear Edwin ! Yours Troublemaker !</b>

    News : <b>Marauder</b> from the <b>German Spreading Service 2100 </b>is back in business ! We wish you a good start !!!

    Demos added this time from the New Dimension , The German Spreading Service 2100 and Crypt (22 today) !

  • Back from the Soccer WM
    TROUBLEMAKER(Crypt) @ Wednesday, June 28, 2006


    Ok dudes ! Here we are back in town from the Soccer WM to presents you the latest stuff from The Soul Brothers , The Sadistics Incorporated , Ruler , Pentacle and last but not least the Alien Cracking Team (25 today).

    <b>Yours Troublemaker/Crypt</b>

  • Hello to all soccer fans
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Thursday, June 15, 2006

    <b>Germany’s</b> attacking persistence paid off with an extra-time goal by Oliver Neuville, winning 1-0 over an undermanned but tireless <b>Poland</b> team. <b>Hope we win the WM !!!</b>

    But now here are some fast updates from Crypt , The Ruling Company , The New Dimensions , The Supply Team , Promise and New Order Incorporated (33 today) .

    <b>Attention !</b>

    To all snail swappers who are still alive: My Friend <b>[email protected]/Tropyx</b> is seeking for some new swap pals who are interrestet in trading some rare warez which can not be found on internet ! You can catch him at: [email protected] !!!

    <b>Best Regards yours Troublemaker/Crypt</b>

  • Holla holla !
    Troublemaker(Crypt) @ Sunday, May 28, 2006

    The last may update smashed out ! The following groups like Strike Force , Yeti Factories , Dekadence , Orion , Rich Bitch , Kuno Nuko , Panda Design and Action (30 there) build in .

    <b>C64 H.Q. - Online again</b> Check it out under <a href = ""></a>

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