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  • More Scene News 2022
    Baracuda @ Wednesday, March 9, 2022

    finchy left Scene World Magazine

    Mojzesh left Samar Productions and Padua

    Finchy left Excess

    rez joined Melon as Coder

    Linus left Arsenic & Oxy

    Eric Dobek joined MoonShine as Musician

    Mr. Mouse joined GP as Coder and Musician

    The Undertaker passed away

    Tempest joined Up Rough as Graphician and Musician

    Firelord, One of the Founders of Ex left...

    Ghost joined Ex as Co-Organizer, Tester and Ori Supplier

    Topaz Beerline dissolved

    Nyke joined Babygang as Graphician

    rustlemills joined PTV as Coder and Graphician

    Moroten, MegaSparky, Slaxx, DeMOSic left STARZ

    Scrap joined GP as Graphician

    Carrion left Bonzai and joined Censor Design

    Patapik joined BOOM! as Coder

    Ispace joined F4CG as Coder

    Netherlands musician Tron passed away,

    Dr.EightBit joined PTV as Organizer, Public Relations Manager and Translator

    DeMOSic joined HF, VCC as Musician and C64 Club Berlin as Musician and Translator

    Space-AgeWrangler joined HF as Graphician

    Galancy left Avatar

    Mega Sparkmaster joined HF as Musician

    Codise joined Alumni as Co-Organizer and Coder

    sLASH joined Fatzone as Musician and Net Trader

    Shine joined PET SCIIENTISTS as Graphician and Organizer

    Frida Katarina joined PET SCIIENTISTS as Graphician

    Nordischsound joined PET SCIIENTISTS as Musician

    Røly joined PTV as Musician

    Jowin joined VCC as Tester, Coder

    Fatman left AOD

    CoaXCable joined MoonShine as Graphician

    Six joined Megastyle as Coder, Graphician, Musician, NTSC-Fixer and Tester

    Optic Freeze joined Megastyle as Tester so that he can do the ori supply directly to his group Menace.

    EALL joined Hack n' Trade as Modem Trader and Net Trader

    Paladin joined Propaganda Magazine Staff as Diskmag Editor

    Shaleth joined SGA as graphician

    ToyToy joined SGA as Coder

    Bideth joined SGA as Musician

    MCH joined Dream as Musician

  • Scenenews 2022
    Baracuda @ Thursday, February 10, 2022

    Chromag left GP

    psych858o joined Censor Design as Musician

    Bema joined Hokuto Force as Graphician

    The Human Code Machine and Bitbreaker left Oxyron, Arsenic

    SquareWave joined Lethargy as Musician

    NecroPolo joined Lethargy as Musician

    Plus -1- also known as Kickback left AOD

    Black Beard left AOD

    TheEnemy left once again Excess (germany)

    Ghost left Excess (germany)

    Epsilon joined The Supply Team as Coder

    Six joined Menace as Coder, Cracker, Graphician and NTSC-Fixer

    Optic Freeze joined Menace as Organizer, Original Supplier, Sysop and Tester

    Conrad left Artstate

    Master left Raiders of the Lost Empire

  • No new Party Entries
    Baracuda @ Thursday, January 13, 2022

  • Scene News
    Baracuda @ Saturday, January 1, 2022

    Let us begin with the records:

    Over 3000 C64 releases in 2021 in the whole world on different sources and this compares to the number of Commodore64 releases in 1995. Over 519 so called first releases known for 2021.

    Scene news January 2022:

    Sarah Jane Avory left Protovision

    Monstersgoboom joined Protovision as a coder and graphician.

    Eryngi joined Hack n' Trade as Coder, Graphician and Musician

    Knight Rider, Artlace, Zirias left Excess

    Kreator joined Reality as Coder

    Yeon joined Samar Productions as Fullscreen Graphician, Graphician and Logo Graphician. She is the young daughter of Yugorin/Samar Productions.

    Peacemaker left SHAPE and joined CD

    Firehawk, Talent, Deekay joined Censor Design.

    Keymaster joined GP as sysop (The Valley)

    Xiny6581 joined Pretzel Logic as Musician

    TheRyk left Arsenic

    Goto80 joined Divine Stylers as musician and BBS graphician.

    Optic Freeze left AOD

    Seytan joined Reflex

    Vincenzo, Squarewave, R1SC and MegaSparky joined STARZ as Musicians

    B/Dual Crew Shining (DCS) passed away on January 4th 2022 from cancer. He was also known in the ASCII scene as nUP!

    Rytone of ONS changed handle to Rastertail

    Tim, The Founder of Baboons (BBS) is dead.

    Baracuda @ Tuesday, December 21, 2021

    Werner-Soft left The Stock and C64

    Exploding First left The Stock

    Nafcom left The Stock

    Baracuda is the only member of his group at the moment.

    Last THE STOCK releases in 2021:

    Tiger Disk games from Tiger Disk 21, ANTIWAR DEMO COLLECTION Disk 1+2/4

  • Demoscene in Poland gets accepted as national immaterial cultural heritage
    Baracuda @ Saturday, December 18, 2021

    The polish demoscene is accepted as living national cultural heritage.

    Poland joins the successes of Finland and Germany, and our experience opens doors for other countries, whose demoscene communities are also working on their proposals. The goal of this cooperation is to include the world demoscene on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity – and it will be the first-ever digital culture on this list.” Andzrej Licherowicz and others at We are extremely happy that Poland, right after Finland and Germany, recognized the digital culture of the demoscene as an immaterial cultural heritage. It is a huge milestone, as it confirms on an institutional level that the demoscene is a major influence on digital culture east and west, north and south, crossing all borders and boundaries. We are super grateful for the success of the Polish scene and the community behind Kronika Polskiej Demosceny, which pushed the successful application with great passion and energy. Ogromne gratulacje!” Tobias Kopka – Co-Founder Art of Coding”

    Baracuda @ Tuesday, December 14, 2021

    Seems to me we break a special record on our beloved c64, these year. Over 515 First Releases in 2021/1 till today (30/12/2021)

    Last Record was afaik: 1995 - 362 known First Releases Lowest Releases were done in 2007 - only 19 ! known First Releases

    So Keep On Playing !

  • Monthly News
    Baracuda @ Thursday, December 2, 2021

    Hate Bush joined Elysium as Musician while he left under the name chuinho MultiStyle Labs.

    After Board Rider left Blazon telling them he had to deal with his late wife's estate the whole month (his wife Stephanie passed away on May 12th, 2021) and that his life has more important things to do right now, BR joined asap the US based group AOD as Sysop and Tester. These group is mixed with genesis project and seventh sector guys and with guys who where in the past in these groups. To join another group with a lie using his death wife to do that is not my cup of tea. May she RIP. So only for the record these strange behaviour.

    NoobTracker joined The Solution as Coder

    Slaze joined STARZ as Musician

    That8BitChiptuneGuy joined STARZ as Musician

    Nightrider joined BOOM! as Coder

    CatYa joined BOOM! as Diskmag Editor

    Kenji joined BOOM! as Coder

    Lenyn joined Onslaught as Graphician

    Darklord joined Onslaught as Cracker

    Peacemaker joined AOD as a modem Trader, Tester

    TheFatman joined AOD as Coder and Tester

    Count Zero left Success + The Ruling Company

    Steel left SCS

    Hairdog joined Dream as Graphician and Musician

    Sonny left Kraze

  • c64 diskmagazine back with new PROPAGANDA staff
    Baracuda @ Sunday, November 14, 2021

    The c64 diskmag reactivated by GP at X 2014 Party popped up with new propaganda magazine staff (all GP members).

    Facet joined Propaganda Magazine Staff as Graphician. Ksubi, Sparta and Raistlin joined Propaganda Magazine Staff as Coder and Diskmag Editor to spread their news..

  • monthly scene news update
    Baracuda @ Wednesday, November 3, 2021

    LektroiD joined Atlantis as Musician

    Graham Axten left all his groups

    et1999cc joined Hokuto Force as Musician on 05.11.2021

    Higgie joined Onslaught as Graphician on 09.11.2021

    SIDWAVE joined Excess as Musician and Tester on 12.11.2021

    Ziggy joined Onslaught as Coder on 20.11.2021

    Elder0010 left Onslaught one day later

    Elder0010 joined Genesis Project as coder on 25.11.2021

    Viralbox joined Hokuto Force as Graphician on 26.11.2021

    Wix joined STARZ as Coder on 26.11.2021

    Cash joined STARZ as Original Supplier on 27.11.2021

    Turbosnail left Arise on 27.11.2021

    BR joined Blazon as Modem Trader, Net Trader, Sysop, Tester on 30.11.2021 but has to left the group one day later because of personal problems..

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