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Real name:Teppo Olkkonen
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Tell us something (blabla):I personally wasn't quite in the "scene", back in the 1980's, but I had a few friends that were much more active than I (CLF & Mixer - Origo Dreamline) and Orbis (Extend). I really did try to code (and actually finish something!) on C64, but after awhile I decided that my skills weren't up to level i've wished they'd be, so I mainly just marveled the skills of other, more talented persons than myself.. also did a few tunes.. didn't have the chance to release anything because all my stuff went up in flames, when my parents house burned down in early 90's.. switched to amiga sometime after that.. In 1998 i got nostalgic and redeveloped the passion for all things Commodore, i've been collecting old hardware (C64 & Amiga) and software for them.. I joined a group called Tropyx a while back.. Hope i can contribute something back to the scene which has given me so much enjoyment over the past two decades.. ;)
Watching demos on:CCS64&VICE on PC & The Real Thing! :)
In Groups:No Scene Team :)
Favorite Groups:Byterapers Inc, Extend, Origo Dreamline
Registered on:April 29th, 2002 (7528 Days ago)
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