Pop im Kopp
by Graf Dracula
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By: Graf Dracula
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Music
Released on:1986
Remarks:These release is German culture and history together in one file ! To understand these you have to be German, must be a longtime Scener and you must have knowledge about media.. While Pop im Kopp was a radio show for younger people, Daniel Diezemann was one of the two coders of speech basic, who brought us these example of a snippet from the radio, to show us how his hardware, software worked in 10/86.. Graf Dracula simply onefiled these example and gave The IRQ the credit he deserves in the past.. Maybe GD was his old known friend but i am not 100% sure so i have not add more gd infos here in our database.... ;-)
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Credits: Code
The I.R.Q.
Graf Dracula
The I.R.Q.
Graf Dracula
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