Digital World
by Samar Productions
By: Samar Productions
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Video-Standard: PAL
Released on:August 30th, 1998
Released at: Intel Outside 5 (Ranked 1st at the Demo-Competition)
7.62 out of 10 (16 ratings)
Added: Before December 1999

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Total Downloads:11660
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    Not quite as hysterical as Opium, but still one of the best Polish demos.

    puterman @ 2002-03-25 18:44:42
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    Yeeee-Haaah! Cool

    Anonymous  @ 2001-10-09 10:30:17
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    A masterpiece from the polish hackers, extremely hardcore code, my fave parts are the tunel after the intro (calculated by the drive) and the gouraud shading in a tunel at the start of the second side. Downsides are that the design is lousy also most of the tunes are ripped from other demos.

    Anonymous  @ 2001-09-26 14:56:37