A Basic Groove
by MAT64
Aka: 0s=54294:fOi=.to32:pOs+pE(41713+i)-83,pE(59686+i)+3:pOs-3,15:nE:pOs,pE(162):gO
By: MAT64
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - One File Demo
Video-Standard: PAL
Released on:December 3rd, 2022
Released at: Transmission64 2022 Fall Edition (Ranked 5th at the Alternative Demo-Competition)
Remarks:Beautiful strings live in ROM, I used two to feed the SID and a crazy groove was born. Composed by the Kernal (Scroll Screen Routine) and performed by the Basic (Error Message Table) here is "A Basic Groove". 6581 is required.
Hidden Parts:
This oneliner is part of "Dancing with the Basic" compilation. More info at https://csdb.dk/release/?id=226354
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Credits: Code
Added: December 7th, 2022
Added by:mat64

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