Shadow Pictures Pack 3
by Baracuda
Aka: SDW Pictures Pack 3
By: Baracuda
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Graphics
Released on:October 8th, 2022
Remarks:These pack is special with all the improved pictures by SDW. Check the Shadow Pictures Pack 2 again to see the difference in the Inspector Gadget picture. Enjoy the two different Ninja pictures and more.. Another wellknown artist of the Iron Mask from Eddie is the german Erik Ebbinghaus. These SDW Pictures Pack use art from Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time, 1986.
n/a (Too few ratings)
Credits: Graphics
Shadow of Commando Frontier, International Computing Institute and The Austria Crew
Baracuda of Blazon, Smash Designs and The Stock
Baracuda of Blazon, Smash Designs and The Stock
Added: October 8th, 2022
Added by:Baracuda

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