Dragon Bate
by Kraksnax and Mo Dernart
By: Kraksnax and Mo Dernart
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - One File Demo
Video-Standard: PAL & NTSC
Released on:September 30th, 2022
Remarks:2-pager, space/fire to proceed. Dragon Bate [KSXJ44] Do you like dragons? Do you flame? These are some of the most important questions of the year according to the ministry of draconian child grooming recruitment center. Baracuda sayz: We see a C64 conversion of the picture from Rowena Morrill. It is her most famous picture named "King Dragon" (Ace Books, 1980). Used as Metallica – Load album cover 1997.
n/a (Too few ratings)
Credits: Code
Mo Dernart of Kraksnax
Linus of Multistyle Labs
Mo Dernart of Kraksnax
Added: October 1st, 2022
Added by:kraksnax

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