Dr. Funkenstein
by Kraksnax
Aka: Introducing... Dr. Funkenstein
By: Kraksnax
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - One File Demo
Video-Standard: PAL & NTSC
Released on:March 11st, 2022
Remarks:* Designed on NTSC but PAL compatible: for authentic C64 viewing on monitor, real television -or- LCD neo-monitors/tv/emulators with sharp CRT filter enabled. * Finally introducing the man, the myth, the legend.. Dr. Funkenstein and his funky C64 artwork and musax selections. Here is a picture of Funkenstein, a new resident artist of the Kraksnax Artist League subdivision KAL enjoying a Spring morning before kreating this KRAK-KAL-Y new demo, sporting some NTSC musak to boot. Get it? To 'boot.' Haha hoho hehe. Graphix-Musax/Demo.
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Credits: Code
Dr. Funkenstein of Kraksnax
Dr. Funkenstein of Kraksnax
Added: March 12th, 2022
Added by:kraksnax

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