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By: Extend
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Released on:n/a
Remarks:Released at Zoo'98 and came 1st (Demo)
6.50 out of 10 (16 ratings)
Added: Before December 1999

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    yes the demo is cool.... but there is a very long loading between the spherical part... and the last picture or is it something wrong here?

    dwangi @ 2002-04-15 21:24:32
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    Really good. no bullshit, good design and effects.

    Anonymous  @ 2002-01-16 11:17:40
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    No page flipping...

    Anonymous  @ 2001-10-11 08:26:11
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    I had seen this because of several insidetorus/tunnel mapping routines which just look cool (Could be just page flipping or am I thinking wrong???)

    Nothing else...

    Anonymous  @ 2001-10-03 12:35:34
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    Very good demo. One of their best ever together with kuppa, kuppa2, and orvesi (or how you spell it :)

    Optimus: Stupid reason.

    Anonymous  @ 0001-01-01 00:00:00