by Arise
By: Arise
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Released on:May 1st, 1998
8.06 out of 10 (36 ratings)
Added: October 7th, 2001

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    hmmm i dont know

    fishdune @ 2002-03-29 03:53:22
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    so fucking oryginal :)

    zoombi @ 2002-03-27 21:30:28
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    Another coders demo showing their 3d engine, featuring flat, gouraud, blurred, textured, light sourced poly's. Some have good speed for what I have seen on C64,.. still some are slowish for demowatching but still good,.. oh hell I am wondering if we can make faster texture in the future?

    Anonymous  @ 2001-10-08 13:29:02