Algodancer 2
by Algotech
By: Algotech
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Video-Standard: PAL
Released on:January 23rd, 2011
Remarks:The sequel to my previous single filer demo 'algodancer'. Work had initially begun a few months ago and only the intro was complete. During the last two days, I decided to finish the rest and here it is Some technical information as follows over 500+ frames in charmode hires/mcol and sprites packed to one side of a floppy Intro part Multicolor video sequence with mirroring. Uses my BRLE (Bit based run length encoder) for fast depacking on the fly Shadow Dancer part blur shadows in combination with the video sequence Minislideshow This part is displayed while the main part is loading. The images are VQ compressed Main part Twin VQ decompression utilising spritevq (which is decoded at 50fps) in combination with the hires dancer running at aroun 8fps which is depacked in realtime using a strip based brle decompressor. Decompression could have been optimised further. S.O.T.A sequence Did not bother much with this part. It features sequences taken from the famous spaceballs demo 'state of the art' Data is loaded, played back, loaded, played back. Merely a disk filler. End sequence Picture in MUCSU hires. All video sequences are compressed using my pc based video encoders. The encoders are a massive improvement in comparison to my previous CSAM quantiser Two methods of video encoding take place, The first one used the tried and tested 'prune method' in combination with mergeclustering while the second method uses a more exhaustive approach to find the codebook (PNN - Pairwise nearest neighbour) This is then followed with the block clustering. While finishing this demonstration, there are many more idea's to increase the data pack rate and quality hopefully to be released in a future production.
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Credits: Code
Algorithm of Onslaught
Algorithm of Onslaught
Algorithm of Onslaught
Added: February 4th, 2011
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Submitted by:Markus Sinalco

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