by Smash Designs
By: Smash Designs
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Video-Standard: PAL
Released on:1993
Remarks:A subgroup of Exact from germany called Bandits were one of the first presenting the Knight and his dragon as motive in 1988 used in these demo.. Enigma - Amgine backwards. To bad that someone deleted some directory information for these disk. I will tell the story behind these disk now here: AEG told me that AMGINE got lost because of burping on the original disk and thrown away. So we from the Stock began to search in our very big disk archives. The search was fruitless. Our member JTR was ordered to ask around the world if someone had a copy but fruitless It seemed no one could help us. As i swapped with Crossbow i asked him one day and yes he had the disk. But AEG told him not to spread to anyone, hehe... So after a meeting with AEG, Crossbow at my home we were able to receive the disk. AEG allowed Crossbow to hand JTR these disk over... JTR was the one to receive the disk as he was a new swapper in smash designs and a member of the stock with more contacts than me at that time..
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Credits: Code
AEG of Smash Designs and Die Chefrocker
Dasheele of Smash Designs
AEG of Smash Designs and Die Chefrocker
AEG of Smash Designs and Die Chefrocker
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