Sabrina Mix
by Digitize Design Group
By: Digitize Design Group
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Video-Standard: PAL
Released on:1988
n/a (Too few ratings)
Added:August 7th, 2004
Added by:Jack Alien

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    Fig Parties 1987!!! NOT 1997! Anyway I Remember that Sabrina was Ready in the parties, but we have some compressor problems and the demo hangs 1 of 5 times and that was not good thing!

    april7 @ 2005-02-19 08:08:45
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    Think this is still the ultimate No1 DDG demo, that amazed dudes in FIG Copyparties 1997! I can still remember the faces when we show parts of this demo!

    april7 @ 2005-02-19 08:00:33