by Samar Productions
By: Samar Productions
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Released on:August 11st, 1997
Released at: North Party V1.0 (Ranked 1st at the Demo-Competition)
6.81 out of 10 (21 ratings)
Added: Before December 1999

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Total Downloads:8437
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    By far Samar's best demo - perfect graphics in huge amounts, a soundtrack by DAF that is guaranteed to hypnotize you and nearly all screens are perfectly synced to the music. This is unbelievable - if for some strange reason you're only allowed to download three demos from this site, I'd absolutely include this one!

    Anonymous  @ 2003-07-25 14:12:33
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    Anonymous  @ 2003-07-18 12:36:32
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    some nice effects but music and design is fucking crap!

    zoom @ 2002-10-12 03:21:37
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    State of the art! This is sytle!

    Few trakmos are addictive like this!

    Both thumbs up!

    iAn CooG @ 2002-03-11 01:40:46
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    the best demo in its genre

    Anonymous  @ 2001-08-12 11:54:34
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    This is state of the art!!!!!!

    I came back to this site just to download the rest of your stuff that i yet havnt seen. The music, the gfx, the coding the EVERYTING is totally shocking.

    Thank you.

    Slayer/D-mob (Amiga)

    Anonymous  @ 2001-08-03 02:52:41