by Smash Designs
By: Smash Designs
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - One File Demo
Released on:July 19th, 1998
Remarks:Released at Wired'98, in these 195 blk one-filer we packed a lot.. A dentro as long as a Trackmo with a number of world firsties and many multicolor graphics mixed with nice styling, cool ideas, nice tunes.. Onefile trackmo by Smash Designs.. :)
6.17 out of 10 (36 ratings)
Credits: Code
AEG of Smash Designs and Die Chefrocker
kb of Smash Designs, The Obsessed Maniacs and Reflex
AEG of Smash Designs and Die Chefrocker
Added: Before December 1999

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    Great onefiler from Smash Designs with lot's of cool software fx! Many many things in one package!!!

    Anonymous  @ 2001-10-03 12:52:17
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    shitty logos

    Anonymous  @ 2001-10-02 18:07:45
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    Great! I found the lill secret :)

    Anonymous  @ 2001-09-04 00:40:08