Crackling 'n' Cocio
by Bonzai
By: Bonzai
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Released on:June 25th, 1990
Remarks:C64 Demo Competition at Daniax Party 1990 : #1 - In the fractal part apart from using the joystick also try 1 to 4 to select which point to move, fire button to select and clear screen. Hit F1 to change between defining the point yourself and having them set by sinus tables (where joystick movements defines distance between lookups). As party stuff is mostly done in a hurry a missing 0 byte as end of scroll text sign in the end part shows some inverted 'E' for a while before wrapping.. But only the intro part was created at the party.
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Added: February 17th, 2002
Added by:shokray^megastyle

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