Seal of Focalor
by Megastyle
By: Megastyle
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - Demo
Released on:February 1993
Remarks:The name of this demo is actually "Seal of Focalor". It has only become known as "Digital Messiah" because that phrase was written in the directory listing... The demo Production already began immediately after Brainstorm 3, this was supposed to be Brainstorm 4. Over the years, the design changed, and so did its name. At least 4 demo parts were made that didn't make it into the released demo.
Hidden Parts:
On side 1 load "- data file 1 -" & on side 2 "- data file 2 -"
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Credits: Code
Added: February 11st, 2002
Added by:Anonymous

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    Very own style with sampled Metallica Sounds. Great stylish work!

    atca88 @ 2003-02-03 23:31:10