Metal Bar 2
by Borderzone Dezign Team
By: Borderzone Dezign Team
Category: C64 - C64 Demo - One File Demo
Released on:1986
Remarks:demo use an original picture from Iron Maiden – Piece Of Mind album cover, 1983.
7.17 out of 10 (6 ratings)
Credits: Code
PSY of Borderzone Dezign Team
Demon of Borderzone Dezign Team
Mat of Borderzone Dezign Team
Added: January 12th, 2002
Added by:Orange

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    :> ah, when I was a lad it was all pixels

    Mat @ 2003-06-14 00:59:21
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    ohhh "style" you are a little fuckhead! -

    DauerSack @ 2002-02-03 15:12:37
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    Lame. Looks like it was made in an early demo maker. The music is crappo. The pic is good tho.

    style @ 2002-02-01 08:28:50
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    To me this is one of the true classics from the early days.... But the great music from Demon is what makes it great

    Anonymous  @ 2002-01-16 11:21:26
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    nice old thing ! i liked the crank music

    DauerSack @ 2002-01-15 15:31:55