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404 Entries

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EasyBerry (commodoreone{A} wrote:


Great Page... I really love Turbo Assembler, actually it is on now!

Easy Berry

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Umbee (info{A} wrote:

Hi Sabbi ! Wollte nur mal nachschauen wie's hier läuft. Greez Umbee

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blank_label records (n/a) wrote:

Big up from Finland!
Keep up the good work!

[email protected] (fuckhead{A} wrote:

grab the spacetanks trailer AND
don't visit such stupid retro-sites anymore :-}

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Antichrist/G*P (gaspirtz{A} wrote:

Nice to see some of those old GP demos. Brings back memories.

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dalezy/creators+scoopex (com.rengmann{A}dlz) wrote:


ich war hier und bin wieder weg

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Hardcore/ex-Samar (n/a) wrote:

Nice site! ten years ago i was a swapper... and i really had a great time with c64 scene... it's nice to see that some people still remember old commy. Keep history alive!

KENSAI (kensai{A} wrote:

Gruss an meinen alten und besten Schulkollegen Taxim....Du hast dich über die Jahre verändert , aber du bist und bleibst ein guter freund...(Shinobi ;-) )

Z-Mat (z-mat{A} wrote:

Sind wir eigentlich in der Schweiz oder in England oder Breitland oder was...?

Platoon Of Daniax (platoon{A} wrote:

hiya peeps !

was shocked 2 see that 1 of my demos actually have made it 2 the pc hehe made quite a few demos but this 1 is the only 1 i could find.

if theres any1 left out there that i know or even fans maybe ?!? ;o) lol J/K
or especially old daniax members reads this do feel very wellcome 2 slip me a note !!!



ps also if some1 has the possibility 2 transfer 64 datas 2 the pc coz i really would like my old demos on my pc ;o) do write me !!!!

schampar (n/a) wrote:

Hello together, really cool site, back to basic, and great infos, :o)


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Decade (n/a) wrote:


Damn it's sexy to see all those demo's again! (and i thought i had much at home ^_^)

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ruark (n/a) wrote:

swing by sometime!

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Mirage/Fresh - Hi-Top/ATL (chacha{A} wrote:

nice Site...I remember the good old times...about 1988-1994 (I guess)...keep It strong!
there are still some Kult-Demos missing !!!!!....greetings!
may the force be with you and the C=64 !!!!!

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Mason (c64heaven{A} wrote:

Nice to see alot of the old sceners here. Great to see people like Freestyle, Just Ice and Sledgehammer.<br>Just Ice - great you mention Tridos. Always wondered what happend to him.
<br>People have old stuff should contact me!!

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Tom (n/a) wrote:

I love the C64. Old but nostalgic! Really great, thank´s

Visit his Homepage: http://www.[CHEAPGUESTBOOKSPAMMER].de

Umbeee (lightwave{A} wrote:

Hi, real fast page ! Great ! As you told 1000 times: "ya da master SAB" !

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Andy/The Sharks (andy{A} wrote:

Hello. Coole Seite. Es ist strange, wenn man nach über 15 Jahren plötzlich haufenweise Logos findet, die man mal als 14jähriger gezeichnet hat :-))

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xonox (xonox{A} wrote:

This site is so cool, it made me discover loads of interesting things. Thanks for such a great site. It even got me into c64 coding. I never coded in asm before and i never had a c64... Watching a demo is much better than watching tv :D

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Your Name (n/a) wrote:

Great stuff, mate. Keep on posting those examples, it's the best way to learn C64 assembly.

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