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405 Entries

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chaos engineer (emch{A} wrote:

I am looking for demos on original c64 disks as star commander does not work for me. any tips where I can buy such demos?

GazP wrote:

Is it at all possible to scroll the c64 screen using basic????

Patrik (pureskatesupply{A} wrote:

I found an old c64SX (the first Laptop ever ...) on the attic ...! ... and it seems like it still works to! Anyone interested?

Exel from OREGON / GFX wrote:

Hi Guyz! It´s so cool to see all this old stuff from da C64! ..gettin´some kinda "goose-struck" when I see all the entries in da Guestbook! ...Searching for "Thomas Mittelmeier" (Dutch-Paradize-Coder) Hi Thomas! Remember me (Jan/ GER)? ...Has anyone some refers to diz guy?
Add Me: ICQ 15-752-860 (zeroblocker)

Zenda (c64stream{A} wrote:

Hi... very good site indeed !!! :-)

I have a site with demo and intro videos...
Visit: ;-)

Visit his Homepage:

freak wrote:

eine der besten c64 seiten die ich kenne...nur leider tut sich hier schon seit wochen nix mehr :/

grüsse alle commodore user :)

Jaspert (yep{A} wrote:

Cool, keep the C64 experience alive.

Great site.

Digihaze (doug{A} wrote: for C64 games that were bugged and now fixed 100%

Jeff Smart (s04erwin{A} wrote:

Boy. You`re really devoted to all that good ole stuff, are you? Always nice to see the things from the past still being remembered...

crazy C64 mods wrote:

Check this out!!!

Visit his Homepage:

K.kid/Upfront+Dominators (meyra{A} wrote:

just a quick hello to all old school ppl from the c64 scene!


[email protected]/MDS/Tropyx (datablade1973{A} wrote:

I'm always searching for new swap contacts! 100% answer to everyone but please no absolute beginners.

Hallo Christian!
Mach' mal wieder den Spam aus den Requests ;-)
Bis zum nächsten Call, Alter!

Visit his Homepage:

DUECO wrote:

Greetings to all C64 maniacs!
It is nice to see all the evolving
activities about the classics.
Excellent website!

otti-soft (FlatEric{A} wrote:

Hat hier irgendjemand noch Demos von HISTORY ??? Es gab mal welche denn ich war Member.Hehe

Mr.X ( (mail{A} wrote:

We need your votes especially for the C64 Categories.
So register yourself and take the Time to vote.

Visit his Homepage:

[DEFENSE] (defense{A} wrote:

hi everyone...

im trying to find a XE1541 Cable. well i dont want to make it my own, so is there anybody who could sell one to me? i live in Switzerland, it would be nice if someone could sell me one!


earthshaker (earthshaker{A} wrote:

99% sure it is the SID chip. Just replace it with another 6581 SID chip and it will probably work ok.

vr64 (triad{A} wrote:

Nice site... i'm a c64 lover :-) but my sx64 is unable to play music correct. maybe the sid chip is bad? anybody an idea?


Devvy (jdicton{A} wrote:

Don't suppose there's anyway to look at the demos added since say November 2005? If not maybe that's a search option you could add.. Reason I ask is that there's more than a 100 'latest' added so there's no way except to go thru every demo... mmmm ... a little time consuming.... Could you help us out?
Thanks for the great site.. Keep up the good work.


Whats up with the
Worlds Ruling Scott Ian
and Photony of Cfr ?
Meldet euch mal ihr säcke !

Signed off Trouble-Maker (Crypt) !

Visit his Homepage:

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