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405 Entries

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Pix (pix{A} wrote: is searching contacts to kewl c64 sceners around the world ... (swapping?)
Write me a mail !
[email protected]

Nice site ! :)

me2222 (post{A} wrote:

I´m a german Flash developer and I´ve made the first C64-style interface on the web.
You are invited to see it at
Let me know what you think about it.
It´s still under construction and comments, critics and suggestions are welcome.

Visit his Homepage:

ozone (ozone{A} wrote:

Geile Seite... Demos waren schon immer mein Ding!
Aber ich suche immer noch was von Dynamix z.B. Dynamix Vol.1+2. Wenn jemand einen Tip hat dann her damit. Danke.

FireBird (firebird{A} wrote:

The Party DK - Back To The Roots!

We are organizing a Bustrip from Switzerland to Aars (Denmark)! So if you want to reserve a couple of seats please <a href=mailto:[email protected]>contact me</a>!

Also visit our <a href=>Bustrip Page</a> and the official <a href=>home of The Party</a>.

So long & greetz from


Visit his Homepage: http://Not yet!

Board Rider (board_rider1{A} wrote:

Cool webpage for the C64 and I love all the demos and you need to put some demos from The USA on it too okay!!

Board Rider

Billpen (simon{A} wrote:

Yor site is simply great! All the best C64 demos available. Keep up the good work!

Antti Hannula (Private) wrote:

Where are all the Contex-demos?? Great site!

T/\L/s!p (Private) wrote:

....AWESOME!!! youre site is simply great!
all you need from c64 scene is here :-) keep going on it rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ Pecchia (djpecchia{A} wrote:

....Your site is the best!!!!!I have downloaded ALL your demos!!!C64 is the best!!!Keep cool guyz!!

Visit his Homepage:

The Traveler [Elf] (the.traveler.elf{A} wrote:

C64 rules!!! The good old SID songs!!!

the westend hacker (yawthrsut{A}t-online) wrote:

.... sorry, habe vergessen, was ich sagen wollte ....

Visit his Homepage:

[H-BLOXX^EXCESS] (hbloxx{A} wrote:

Die Seite wird ja echt immer besser, endlich mal einer der auch wirklich weitermacht... ;) Viel Erfolg noch!!!

C64-Power (info{A} wrote:

....Besucht die Homepage

unique72 (unique72{A} wrote:

Cool site... just set up my C64 with starcommander
WAAAYYYY!!!!.... better than an Emulator....
not got a C64/1541 anymore??? E-bay £20.00.. ;)
worth every penny... ;)

nr. 23 (privat) wrote:

nichts ist wahr alles ist erlaubt...
kewle seite... gibt mir doch wieder tränen in den augen...
23 grüsse

die band welle:erdball arbeitet auch noch mit dem besten computer dieser welt...

ich empfehle "der sinn des lebens"

Visit his Homepage:

Ralph Hauwert (blacktop{A} wrote:

Yeeaaahhh, this rulez, your site rulez.......but can you also tell me what the name was of the demo that included the "stash 32/PC" conversion????


Marc CHAMP Kayser (Champ{A} wrote:

DIGITAL TALK, das Diskmag für alle C64 Freax (ähnlich Magic Disk/Game On). Fordere jetzt Deine aktuelle Gratisausgabe an.

Marc Kayser
Wittekamp 9
D-30177 Hannover

DIGITAL TALK erscheint alle 2 Monate, und ist gefüllt mit aktuellen Spieletests, Tips & Tricks, einer Laberecke, wo jeder seinen Senf ablassen kann, Interviews, Leserhistorys und vielem mehr. Aber auch Themen ausserhalb der Computerwelt findet ihr vor. Aber schaut am besten selbst mal rein...

[SMS]URI (uri78{A} wrote:

....gibt es keine games zum downloaden wenn doch bitte schreibt mir zürück
ansonsten geile sache

Visit his Homepage:

T/\L (Private) wrote:

Simply FaB!!!!!!
c64 rulez! :-D
Keep going on guys in supporting this amazing compy!

Unlock/Padua (unlock{A} wrote:

nette seiten! schweiz rules eh? .. nur schade bin ich der einzige letzte schweizer halbaktive scener......

Visit his Homepage:

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