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404 Entries

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Dishy (n/a) wrote:


This is really a great site..

Keep up the good work.

Dishy/ex.Vision/ex.Chromance etc.

Stan of Hitmen (Stan{A} wrote:

Now this one is great, I will most certainly spend too much on this site... later Stephan!

Visit his Homepage:

TGI / BRAINfART (tgi{A} wrote:

this really kicks ass ! weiter so... ,aber cupid hat recht: ASP, NT & CO stinken :P --c u @ theparty01--

Visit his Homepage:

Thomas Detert / X-ample Architectures (tom{A} wrote:

another fine c64 related site on the web!.But still a few demos are missing :-) keep up the good work!

Visit his Homepage:

Kojote (n/a) wrote:

Damn cewl site ;) I love it !!!!!!

Visit his Homepage:

Shoenix (SCF) (c64{A} wrote:

I do mis the good 'ol days of raster interrupts and FLD's. Keep this site up at all cost! Seeing all those old demo's make by belly tingle again :))

NINJA/IMPACT!! (coder_{A} wrote:

Miss the old days...c64 lives forever..

Another c64-fan (nilsfenner{A} wrote:

Really good Site. When d'you think the Programming Section is ready?

Edwin van Santen / former 20CC (Edwin{A}FloorControl.Com) wrote:

Alive & Kicking!!! If you want to find out what I did in music after I threw my 64's in the closet (they still lay there) go and visit my new corporate site : www.FloorControl.Com

Nice 2 C sites like these preserving the good ole dayzzzz. outta here!


Visit his Homepage: http://www.FloorControl.Com

dieter stolte (n/a) wrote:

wie kann es denn sein dass borderzone
(eine wirkliche cult-combo) keinerlei erwähnung findet in den "top rated groups" ... du solltest deine beschränkung herausnehmen, die offensichtlich nur fleiss-arbeitern wie
z.b role den vortritt lässt ...
lächerlich genung, dass man im jahre 2001 immernoch nichts auf dem c64 kann!
wirklich coole leute schreiben 1-3 demos und das wars!

Zyron/F4CG/0xP/NO (zyron{A} wrote:

Nice site, great initiative. Preserve the c64-history!

Visit his Homepage:

Matt (fastie{A} wrote:

Those Warriors of the Wasteland demos are finally available for dowload at this site. The unstopable WOW machine rules forever! Belgian 'n proud yeah!

This site kicks ass :)


petril (society{A} wrote:

Very nice site! Keep up the good work =)

Visit his Homepage:

Luca/FIRE (lucaoffire{A} wrote:

Simply astonishing! This is Class, dudez! Ahhh, if only my loved Plus/4 would get so many active groups...*sniff* ;__;

Visit his Homepage:

-{GFA}- BARTI (mubarrack{A} wrote:

Great side!
I search for a Demo called GEW-GAW from Syntax Designs! I think its from 1992 but im not sure!
The C64 rulez forever!

Visit his Homepage:

Commander/Role (commander{A} wrote:

Great site!
The official name of the demo "Rot'n Role" by Role is called "Rot-n-Role" with "-"s.

Visit his Homepage:

pi /church64 (paterpi{A} wrote:

This page for sure can be called HOLY!!!

Visit his Homepage:

MOOROON!!! Mr.Emulator.... (mooroon{A} wrote:

Eine der best-arrangiertesten Seiten, welche im Netz, bezüglich der Thematik Commodore64, zur freien Verfügung interessierter Freaks und
(Neu)Einsteiger steht. Demos vieler altbekannten Gruppen und Szenenmitglieder sind hiermit einfach und schnell abruf- und downloadbar!!!
Ich sag nur.... wunderbar!!! ;)

art|work / The Ancient Temple (n/a) wrote:

One of the best C64 Pages ever seen on the net ! Keep up the great work !

OrCuS (O_R_C_U_S{A} wrote:

Schöne Seite, gefällt mir echt! Würde mich auch über nen Besuch auf meiner Site freuen (siehe oben)! ThA UnDeRgRoUnD is waiting, OrCuS!

Visit his Homepage:

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