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403 Entries

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Mike (n/a) wrote:

Great site! But if anyone has an old demo by WCC (West Coast Crackers) called "WCC Revenge", please upload it! :)

q branche (n/a) wrote:

c64 demo`s very much rule!

Visit his Homepage:

Markus Siebold (vogue{A} wrote:

Still some demos are missing, but fine
site with lots of cool demos!
Keep on going with your great work...

Visit his Homepage:

Melanie (Melanie.Scheibenzuber{A} wrote:

I ned a Passwordletter for Oil-Imperiun!!!
Please Help me!!

send on [email protected]

bizk/damage/alienprophets (_bizk_{A} wrote:

wow, This site sure brings back some memories, nice work !! ;)

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Mareike (mareike_hoffmann{A} wrote:

Hurra! Einer 64er Seite! Aber dieses Voting ist doof,
da voten doch alle fuer sich ne 10 und fuer den rest
ne 1 :-(
Typisch Mann

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pixelpunk (pielpunk{A} wrote:

ihr habt mich motiviert meinen c=64 auszugraben....thanx

fabu/gum*penis (fabu{A} wrote:

yeah, fädde zigarädde! aber wo sind die netten faces-demos, die sich immer über 250 jahre erstreckten? hehe...

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frank schmidt (wolterskiller{A} wrote:

The kiddy stuff rulez again .....
my last visit on this page !

Code 18 / Onslaught (code18{A} wrote:

great site!

but baboons are baboons and not babboons. ;)
just take a closer look at the screenshot from "world record".

anyway...keep it going on!

X2001 Organisation (x2001{A} wrote:

All you demolovers out there are invited to X2001, The no. 1 c64 event of the year.. a party by SCS*TRC and XENON!

23,24,25 November!

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Caesar (n/a) wrote:

What a great site! I'm downloading everything so I'll become the envy of all my friends :)

Visit his Homepage:

Scorpie / F4CG (scorpie{A} wrote:

great site, this kinda work will keep the spirit alive !!!!

Egon Popegon (n/a) wrote:

Gerichtet an den Schwachkopf namens "Egon Krenz":
Eingedenk der Tatsache, daß Upfront ihre Demos vor annähernd 15 Jahren veröffentlichten und sie immernoch zu den technisch anspruchvolslten gehören entblödest Du Dich nicht, hier Wegbereiter und Meilensteine der C64-Entwicklung zu diskreditieren.
Damals wie heute ist es immer wieder verwunderlich, wie ahnungslose Vollschmocks ohne jegliches Talent und Können hanz gleich um welchen Bereich es sich handelt ganz vorne mit dabei sind, wenn es darum geht das Maul aufzureißen.
Upfront und deren Demos sind Klassiker - Du dagegen bist nur eine kleine Wurst; und wirst es auch immer bleiben.

Dan Gillgrass (dan{A} wrote:

GREAT site!, its good to find somewhere that is uploading new demos and finally someplace has uploaded Dutch Breeze.

Visit his Homepage:

Board Rider (board_rider1{A} wrote:

This is a cool site to get old/new demos and I am a 18+ years as a C64 Scener and I am 27 years old... c64 FREAK! ;>


Board Rider

Wulf (n/a) wrote:

C64 rulz

Visit his Homepage:

TBB / Extend & Side B (th{A} wrote:

The idea of visitors ranking the demos online is great. I have two suggestions regarding this - when ranking older demos you should think about what the demo was like back when it was released instead of comparing it to the latest releases, because such a comparison is unfair. Second, at least try to be objective - some groups (and I have no comment regarding the votes received by mine :) obviously don't have what it takes :D ... alternatively some sort of a small user registration before being able to vote could be necessary. One possibility is that in addition to free voting there could be a small jury consisting of a relatively small amount of sceners who could submit a "jury's rating" with detailed explanations of why. Finally, some sort of a short description of the demos would be nice - one screenshot doesn't necessarily tell anything about the demo :)

OMEGA120 (omega120{A} wrote:

COOL SITE.Anyone want to play my game called `MANKY` that I wrote,then visit my site.THANKS.

Visit his Homepage:

Dishy (n/a) wrote:


This is really a great site..

Keep up the good work.

Dishy/ex.Vision/ex.Chromance etc.

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