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405 Entries

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Decompracid (n/a) wrote:

When is there going to be a free @commodore email??
Its a nice site though

Visit his Homepage:

freestyle (n/a) wrote:

Congratulation to this excellent site...

czi (love{A} wrote:

Thanks for a great page! Keep up the good work!

Visit his Homepage:

Swiss Pirates Reunion 2002 (n/a) wrote:

The CFA and FRESH proudly invite...

Visit his Homepage:

Board Rider/CSD! (mwnewsom{A} wrote:

This is a very cool site for the 64 demo lover and freak!


.baiki (baiki{A} wrote:

hey, das finde ich ja so geil. der c16 war mein erstes teil und anschl. kaufte ich mir den 64er. heute fühle ich den unbeschreiblichen drang, wieder einen c64 zu kaufen. und diese site ist sowieso geil. also...hang on

Sledgehammer / Hotline (hammers{A} wrote:

Man, you guys really want to keep the C64 scene alive?
It's Unbelieveable... Demos made on c64 in the tis century and so on..
It's amazing... Keep it up(?)...
Check out also the PC Scene..
Who want to swap DVD MOVIES?? The LATEST OFCOURSE!! My Latest are:
- Men in Black II
- Bend it like Beckham
- Changing Lanes
- Divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood
- Bourne Identity, The
- Simone
- Hable Con Ella
- Insomnia
- Loenatik - De Moevie
- Minority Report
- My Big Fat Greek Wedding
- Nine Queens
- One Hour Photo
- Red Dragon
- Road To Perdition

And many more.. Ps. NO VHS!! Just DVD..

stefan (stefan{A} wrote:

hi @c64 -fan! .... visit or to see screenshots of the best gravity game ever (it's a new kind of the c64 classic 'Artillery Duell') - made by the veterans of YAWTHRUST Labs !

Visit his Homepage:

Leila (leilarsg{A} wrote:

E aee.. curto mt vcs aí..
é mt legal..beijos!

Pete (101717.407{A} wrote:

What a cool site !. WANTED: 1001 Crew "Sprites in the disk drive" demo !!!. Anyone seen it ?(recently?).

Visit his Homepage: http://none

Sabbi (letscheckifwereceivespamonthisemail{A} wrote:

ack, but remember that you never have to submit your EMail here! The EMail given to submit lost Passwords is kept secret!

Visit his Homepage:

TBB / Extend & Side B (n/a) wrote:

Thanks to - according to Google, the only public source where my email address can be found - I am now receiving lots of spam.

Tip to the makers - IN NO CASE should a Web site programmer make site customers' email addresses visible to unregistered users of the site. Because if you do... some nice day a harvesting spider gets those addresses.

Board Rider/CSD! (mwnewsom{A} wrote:

Nice to see everyone!! Just a quick check in


SEVEN UP / ALPHA FLIGHT (n/a) wrote:

hey kiddies, don´t forget your daily visit to the FLIGHT SOCIETY - the offical ALPHA FLIGHT homepage... take a trip to PLANET ALPHA and play classic c64 games online. greetings to the cool dudes and all c64 users !! (/) AFL 1970 (\)

Visit his Homepage:

Slartibartfast/Battery (dali{A} wrote:


I just found one of my old crew's demos, and I had lost all hope of ever seeing our work again!

Now, instead of just sitting around hoping that someone will find them for me, I am reforming Battery!

12V Battery - Demos and Games for your c64 and emulators!!!

We'll be particularly focussing on shaereware development concepts, revival/sequel/gold editions of classic titles (hacks and original coded), and coding for the handheld emulators that will soon be available! :)

If anyone would like to be involved in the new projects ,get in touch!

And thanks for the best site in the world!!! :)


formerly Slartibasrtfast/Battery (Coder/graphician)

Visit his Homepage:

DeAdLy_cOoKiE (deadly_cookie{A} wrote:

I'm looking for 2 particular demo's. 1st: I'm looking for an old demo, a christmas demo (not sure, but I think it was dutch brand?). It featured Christmas carols in SID. It started with the C64 logo, being covered by snow, stanta claus, a church, etc...
2nd: Demo featuring character from popular games. Main character from Ghosts & ghoblins, gets killed each and every time (got run over by motorcycle)..

Could someone help me out? (Perhaps email me when I'm not replying.. thanks in advance

Visit his Homepage:

F#1 (n/a) wrote:

Yo! War ein geiler C64-Jam letzten Samstag im Lavabo, Biel! Ich war einer der beiden um 2 Uhr Morgens am Samstag..

Commodore 64 ist eindeutig nicht tot! Datn sühen!

P.S. wir machen Musik mit C64 Sounds > checkt unsere Seite -

Bis dann! Und weiter so!!

Visit his Homepage:

Double-u B (wim{A} wrote:

Hi Dudez...

I cannot find the cool House Designs demo's in your collection....
Maybe you can download them at

btw: cool site!!

Visit his Homepage:

Mihai (hannibal{A} wrote:

Great job !!! Hurry up with that c64 ml tutorial and don't forget to visit my site

Visit his Homepage:

mustaine/accuracy (n/a) wrote:

greetings from an old scener..mustaine/accuracy. great site.. c64scene rulez

+++no carrier

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