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405 Entries

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Airwolf (airwolf2009q) wrote:

gruss an alle alle leute hier
hallo TSF wie geht es dir du sack?was macht TAI/TDS ? Gruss Airwolf

TSF of The Darkness (Silent1971{A} wrote:

Hi old boyz
i miss the old time between 86-92 on the great C64...I say hello to my old swappimg friends Justice of Ikari-my good friend down here Irata of Red Sector-The rest of The Darkness and all over the world my old swapping Friends !Let the old times come back !!!

Arclight (crawlingwithsnakes{A} wrote:

WOW!! So many great memories inspired by the demos listed on this and other sites.
I loved the 64 back in the day. Must get another C64 emulator for my Linux machine so I can relive the hacking-cracking-demo days again.
Nice site -- if you happen to see 'Arclight' mentioned anywhere, like on one or two smaller demos from the late '80s, I'd love to hear about it.

All the best,


Tormentor wrote:

Hi there
Absolutely great site. So much demos so little time. Thats stuff to watch for years. Thanks a lot.

Of course i ve registered

Greetings from Cologne Germany

Buddy76 (christian-duesterhoeft{A} wrote:


Das hier ist eine echt tolle HP fuer C64-Demo-Freaks!!!
Habe selber schon lange nach sowas gesucht!!!


pongopong games (tee_79{A} wrote:

Thanks for great site:)
I have had such a nostalgic moments at this site with all the C64 stuff. I can't believe it was so many years ago that I last time touched my C64. Of course I have used emulator later on, but nothing can replace the good old C64 (the model with older design.. newer was nothing like the old real stuff :))

Visit his Homepage:

Werner-Soft (commodorehansel{A} wrote:

Hallo Leute.
Wer noch etwas für den guten alten Commodore 64 sucht, sollte am 21/22.01.09 mal bei E-Bay unter commodorehansel schauen.
Ich löse einen Großteil meiner Sammlung auf.
Und das ist nicht gerade wenig.
Über 20 Jahre Hardcoresammeln hinterlassen so ihre Spuren.
Originalgames,Bookware,Hardware und jede Menge anderes Zeux für den "Brotkasten" müssen raus.
Das wird der difinitive C 64 Tsunami.
Adoptiert schon mal ne Oma die Ihr anpumpen könnt!!!
Fasten your Seatbelts

Add by Admin: His auctions on eBay

Airwolf (norman2007{A} wrote:

Hi Pals !

Antitrack (Antitrack at hm d c) wrote:

Hi Antitrack here.

sinalco (nospam{A} wrote:

You have to signup/login for batchdownloading ..

monty (ollie2{A} wrote:

batch downloading doesnt work for me =[ anyone else having problems?

Intruder/Remember-F4CG/G*P wrote:

hugh's from intruder. keep on the good work robo!

Airwolf (norman2007{A} wrote:

some greets to all old c64 freaks norman alias airwolf sing off

Freestyle wrote:

Dear all:

After its success two years ago we will organize another C64 fans gathering in Basel/Switzerland, remembering the good old days - demos, cracks, games and socializing all the night long!

* Date (now confirmed): Saturday, 27. October 2007
* Location: Basel, Socinstrasse 8

For latest Updates check also:

Markus wrote:

" I hope this release will soon be uploaded on to :) "

Done.. only for you Richard ;)

Richard/TND wrote:

Special thanks go to Troublemaker, JSL and Marauder/GSS for their help with the BUENZLI demo. I hope this release will soon be uploaded on to :)

Good work to the C64.CH team.

Visit his Homepage:

Onslaught (ons{A} wrote:

Onslaught slips up

When Onslaught decided to take an already public domain game named
Joe Gunn and re-release it “for fun” with two trainers, who would have thought
that they’d screw it up so royally. First of all your character died immediately
upon playing the game. Jazzcat chose to re-release the original game as a
”tweak” which was another way of saying, “We released a bad bugged version.”

He then overwrote the old version on CSDB and uploaded the new version. This
would qualify is a second release, not a merged one. Nice try David, but the
truth is still out there.

David exclaimed that they had not released a bad version but that the game itself
was bugged because the programmer did not clear the sprite collision registers.

In actual fact, when you reboot the C64 (or emulator) it DOES clear the sprite
collision registers. David made excuses that if you played a game and then loaded
Joe Gunn, you could potentially die because the registers were not cleared.

Perhaps it was the Onslaught intro that needed the clearing of the registers given that most C64 users would reboot to play a new game anyways and the problem did not
occur on the original game (as it had no Onslaughrt intro)

Nice try David

David Simmons (jazzcat{A} wrote:

I've got brown teeth, awful hair, cigarette stained fingers, no job and I'm on welfare. But I make sure to live a life of C64 at least 12 hours a day. Power on dudes.

Visit his Homepage:

Avl/Atl (thexder[at] wrote:

Echt gute Seite... wollte ich schon immer mal sagen...
Und ich hab C64 (intakt und defekt), 1541er sowie einen LC-10 Drucker zuviel... Interesse?

RYGAR (tgtg1999{A} wrote:


RYGAR/Science 451

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