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Soiled Legacy by Resource 


Submitted by:  
 Anonymous on 2001-11-26 23:01:06
 8.12 (65 votes)
Released at: 
 1st at X-2001 (Demo)
 239.38 kBytes
 Did you know that Soiled Legacy was the demo contained on the first C=64 disk read on a standard PC by Disk2FDI on 08/23/2003.

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Usercomments for Soiled Legacy 
Stop hack the program!!!
By NICKNAME on 2014-07-29 (Rating: --)
By Dzhodisi on 2011-10-03 (Rating: --)
Very nice to read such "old" posts!

This topic, like the little that you can see, they feel accompanied us at the beginning
By edgecefrive on 2011-08-24 (Rating: --)
very interesting info ! .
By ZalesPromotional on 2011-04-15 (Rating: --)
Great job!
By skoro on 2009-08-06 (Rating: 10)
Hard to give this one less than a 10-score!

It really is sad that Commodore folded back in '94. Now their trademarks are owned by another company, and although the 64 is (likely) being brought back out of mothballs, I doubt the situation will ever be the same.
By roachk71 on 2006-01-02 (Rating: 10)
A must watch demo even if the end is a bit sad. The music is good and so are the gfx. And yes, I know that Terminator is powered by 65xx ;-)
By tme on 2004-07-27 (Rating: 9)
some really good fx.
shame the flow is lacking
By Vulgar on 2003-03-12 (Rating: 7)
really well designed demo. the message is bittersweet and the way it is told is breathtaking. i wish i hadn't read the note though :) too many precalcs.... however oswalds honesty and open heart is extremely appreciated
By nightlord on 2003-01-25 (Rating: 9)
wow 1ne of the best demos ever imo
By g412b on 0000-00-00 (Rating: 10)
Good work, really nice demo!
By Silkon on 2002-09-11 (Rating: 7)
OMG! Thats not reallllly true !
By wombombs on 2002-07-09 (Rating: 5)
By dwangi on 2002-07-02 (Rating: 10)
I thought that time had passed for c64, but no. This demo actually inspires me to make my own music video with C64-tasm.
By juhvu on 2002-07-02 (Rating: 10)
really nice demo
By surak on 2002-04-21 (Rating: 9)
great demo !
By zoombi on 2002-03-27 (Rating: 7)
simply freaking awesome! Never seen anything like this on C64.
By Nappe1 on 2002-03-25 (Rating: 9)
Great demo!
By doffo on 2002-03-14 (Rating: 7)
By Rainbow on 2002-03-01 (Rating: 10)
Absolutely fabulous!
By anttihan on 2002-01-27 (Rating: 10)
Great stuff! The part with the lightsource and the blue mask rocks! Synchronized music by GRG, sweeet!
By Steppe on 2001-12-05 (Rating: 9)
Finally a new demo from Resource, and a coderwise thingy on C64 again!!! Remakes from some of my favorite Amiga demos like Technological Death, Desert Dreams and World of Commodore, cool 3d flat crunched animations, great bump mapping + phong shaded mask with flare effect and other cool fx!!!
By Optimus/Dirty Minds on 0000-00-00 (Rating: 10)
By Anonymous on 2001-11-27 (Rating: 10)

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