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Dutch Breeze by Blackmail 


Submitted by:  
 8.45 (128 votes)
Released at: 
 1st at Silicon Limited Winter Party (Demo)
 226.24 kBytes

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Usercomments for Dutch Breeze 
Hello. And Bye. Hello. And Bye.
By fdribrlbge on 2013-03-23 (Rating: --)
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By smoOm on 2012-02-18 (Rating: --)
Perfekt demo
By Henrch22 on 2012-01-07 (Rating: 10)
Very good demo! I liked the part where you can mix the music the most... very original idea and much fun to do it! Also a cool diagonal scrolling logo in that screen. Haven't seen that a lot, especially in those days.
By Mister E on 2009-10-28 (Rating: 10)
By oswald on 2006-02-03 (Rating: 10)
Fantastic music and great pics... However, that's all there is to this demo imho. Very oldfashioned.
By Truss on 2005-12-28 (Rating: 5)
By paranoid on 2005-08-01 (Rating: --)
By paranoid on 2005-08-01 (Rating: 10)
Yo hein...

By Kr'33 on 2005-02-05 (Rating: 10)
Nice one...

Hein did his trick again...
By Kr'33 on 2005-02-05 (Rating: --)
The ULTIMATE C64 demo of all times when it comes to class, style, design, graphics, sound.. The total concept is stunning! Dutch Breeze will always be remembered as one of my all time favourite demos on the C64.
By Zarch/Danish Science on 2004-06-29 (Rating: 10)
Pure ownage :]
Dutch powah !
By spec on 2004-05-21 (Rating: 9)
A true classic!
By Stan_HIT on 2004-04-04 (Rating: 10)
Still one of the best...
By honesty on 2003-10-20 (Rating: 10)
Released at our party and the absolute winner! This demo is truly the best in design. (Earthshaker/Silicon Limited)
By earthshaker on 0000-00-00 (Rating: 10)
A true classic - Raz/Camelot
By raz on 2002-06-19 (Rating: 10)
Although we've missed the World Soccer Championships this year, this collection of bytes makes me proud to be dutch again :)
By daison on 2002-06-13 (Rating: 10)
dutch breeze.. one word.. CLASS..
By chancer cosine on 0000-00-00 (Rating: 10)
This demo definitely is one of the best ever! What`s most important, it looks just wonderful!
By Flex/Contex on 2001-11-14 (Rating: 10)
When I was first watching C64 demos from my emul, they were full of plasmas, 3d, and stuff,.. and I have heard too much hype for this one. At the beginning I was bored cause of old scrollers and stuff,.. but after I have seen it sometimes and considering it was made at 1992, I seemed to like it. Really cool music and gfx,. I like the introduction and some clever and funny ideas..
By Optimus/Dirty Minds on 2001-10-22 (Rating: 9)
no match so far.
By cupid on 2001-10-14 (Rating: 10)
It set a new standard for graphics and music. Definitely.
By Anonymous on 2001-08-21 (Rating: 9)
Dutch elite
By Anonymous on 2001-04-23 (Rating: 10)
totally mindblowing demo when released, my best memory from c64 demo scene. haakon / shape ([email protected])
By Anonymous on 2001-03-11 (Rating: 10)

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