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Second Reality by Smash Designs 


Submitted by:  
 Anonymous on 1999-05-01 04:00:00
 7.46 (71 votes)
Released at: 
 1st at The Party 1997 (Demo)
 219.95 kBytes

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Usercomments for Second Reality 
Best demo made ever, even if it has been converted from PC. Nice work, fantastic.
By juusio on 2006-01-24 (Rating: 10)
This demo truly deserves that 1st place mention;
the music is spectacular, along with its visual

One needs to remember that it was based upon
an older PC demo, and those old PCs had much
less capability than what we use now.
By roachk71 on 2006-01-02 (Rating: 10)
By Outlaw on 2005-12-11 (Rating: 10)
It might be that this is not the best C64 demo ever, BUT, its a C64 version of one of the best known PC demos ever, quite an accomplishment one could say, and quite a shock for the PC Scene :P
By zpeidar on 2004-05-20 (Rating: 10)
one of my favorites.... i love this demo :)
By phoemix on 2003-04-30 (Rating: 10)
Second Reality was my favorite demo when it came out. It started my interest in the demoscene. This is a worthy remake and it shows what the C-64 can do!
By Darkstar on 2002-06-13 (Rating: 5)
same shit like their pc demos - no ideas - dirty techno music! just kids fun!
By raven on 2002-05-05 (Rating: 3)
Smash showing again that they are unable to do something original with own ideas.
By MasterBios on 2002-02-19 (Rating: 1)
Awesome C64 version of a fantastic PC demo. The conversion from 16 channel *.s3m format to the 64's 3-channel SID (with speech) is absolutely incredible!
By myrmidon on 2002-02-18 (Rating: 9)
By dwangi on 2002-01-28 (Rating: 9)
Nice effort, pity it lacks polish in a few places
By style on 2002-01-10 (Rating: 7)
a bad remake of the pc demo.. no this was shit, no doubt
By loki on 0000-00-00 (Rating: 1)
It is really a good demo! But respect is not something that everybody knows...
By Cmr/Role on 0000-00-00 (Rating: 10)
Why are most of the comments so negative. It's a nice demo. It sure had a great impact on the audience at The Party (Yes, I was there).

By Raz/Camelot on 2001-11-07 (Rating: 8)
this demo is for sure NOT THE BEST on C64 !- who the fuck made this remark ?? smash have done much better demos than this !! besides : smash sucks
By Anonymous on 0000-00-00 (Rating: 2)
By mindflow/triad on 2001-10-16 (Rating: 1)
Well, IMHO AEG should have put some more time into this, some stuff is just done incredibly lame (graphics, some of the parts) and some is incredibly cool (music, digi sounds, most of the effects). But it is great to shock the PC people who know nothing about the 64 :)
By Anonymous on 2001-10-11 (Rating: 8)
To clone of one of the most clasic demos from PC was a crazy Idea!!! Great! I would love to code a clone of SR on my CPC in the future too!
By Optimus/Dirty Minds on 2001-10-03 (Rating: 9)
quite a nice conversion, but I'm not really a fan of the original...
By britelite / dekadence on 2001-09-23 (Rating: 8)

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